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                                             JANUARY 12, 2022
                                                                                           VOLUME 14 • ISSUE 46

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       Solitary Man

 by Stephanie Farrell                                                          By Bill Sokolic

                                                                                       hen Neil Diamond stopped
                                                                                       touring in 2018 as a result of
                                                                              WParkinson’s disease, Robert
                                                                               Neary saw an opening for the next phase
                                                                               of his entertainment career.
                                                                                 He developed a tribute show.
                                                                               Called it “So Good! The Neil Diamond
                                                                               Experience,” in which he pays homage to
                                                                               the singer. Turns out, Neary grew up on
                                                                               Long Island listening to, mimicking, and
                                                                               recreating the style of Diamond.
                                                                                 He brings that style to the Landis   South Jersey’s First
                                                                               Theater in Vineland for the second time
                                                                               on January 14, when he’ll do a 90-minute,   Babies of 2022
                                                                               22-song performance, with the backing of
                                                                               a band called The Mystic.             The first baby of 2022 in the South
                                                                                 Neary had an enviable track record   Jersey region outside of Philadelphia was
                                                                               as an actor years before he brought his   born at Jefferson Washington Township
                                                                               Neil Diamond tribute to life. He went   Hospital at 12:58 a.m. Saturday morning.
          Robert Neary brings his Neil Diamond tribute                         to Hollywood at age 20 and found work   Caden Nguyen Tran—weighing in at 8
                                                                                                                  pounds, 5 ounces and 20.5 inches long—
                                                                               right away. “I was booking television and
                   to the Landis Theater this Friday.               movie roles right away,” he says.  was born to Linda Nguyen and husband,
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