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              FESTIVAL                                      Continued from cover

     fired it in a kiln multiple times. In one of
     those rounds, Plasket threw rock salt into
     the kiln. That salt mixed with the silica in   “The artists make sure they
     the clay to make the glaze. It is of the earth   have accessible pricing and
     and of the craftsman; and now it is a daily   also higher dollars—they
     reminder of the lovely afternoon my hus-
     band and I spent at WheatonArts.      will definitely be able to find
        Plasket is one of 125 artists who will   something for anyone’s
     be selling their work at this weekend’s
     Festival of Fine Craft at Wheaton Village.     pocketbook.”
        “Five of us work here,” Plasket says.
     “We make primarily functional pottery.         —Cathy Nolan,
     You can eat out of it, drink out of it, and   WheatonArts’ chief operating officer
     put stuff in it. People use what we make.
     We high fire it. It can go in the microwave,
     dishwasher, oven.” He will be selling mugs,
     vases, bowls, and pitchers. His work is in
     greens and blues and browns.He started a
     new technique before the pandemic with
     hand-painted designs.
        Plasket says the Festival, unlike some
     other craft fairs, is all about the artists:
     “The most important part is that the artists
     make money. It’s got a good reputation.
     People travel from Florida to come.”
        Visitors can expect to see top artisans
     as they were selected by jury and come
     from multiple states, says Cathy Nolan,
     WheatonArts’ chief operating officer. “The
     artists make sure they have accessible
     pricing and also higher dollars—they will

     Dr. Sam Moyer, also known as “The
     Jersey Jerry Broomsquire” loves to
     demonstrate how he handcrafts brooms.

                                                                               definitely be able to find something for any-
                                                                               one’s pocketbook.”
                                                                                 She would understand my connection to
                                                                               my coffee mug: “You’re walking away with
                                                                               the appreciation of the handmade,” Nolan
                                                                               says. “It feels good for the soul. It is work
                                                                               that has humanity.”
                                                                                 There is a wide variety of artists—food
                                                                               (wine), clay, fiber, fine arts (painting), glass,
                                                                               jewelry, metal, mixed media, photography,
                                                                               and wood. In many categories there will be
                                                                               functional as well as sculptural or decora-
                                                                               tive items.
                                                                                 “An example in metal is Sandra
                                                                               Webberking’s work. She creates whimsical
                                                                               sculptural objects for the garden. She uses
                                                                               found objects as well as recycled materi-
                                                                               als,” says Nolan.
                                                                                 There are new artists as well as return-
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