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 COMMUNITY UPDATE                                                                                      South Jersey’s Positive

       Overnight Camps,                   coverings at all other times.              ON                Radio Station
                                            Additionally, Governor Murphy has
       Wedding Receptions                 indicated that overnight camps will be
       Get Green Light                    permitted to resume operations for the

          Gov. Phil Murphy has signed     summer season. The Governor and the
       Executive Order No. 228, allowing   Department of Health will issue addi-
       indoor wedding receptions to operate   tional guidance regarding the applica-  TODAY’S
       at 35 percent capacity of the room in   tion process and the applicable health
       which they are held, up to 150 individu-  and safety protocols in the coming    HOMEOWNER
       als, and outdoor wedding receptions   weeks.                              RADIO DELIVERS
       to permit up to 150 individuals. Both   “We are able to take these steps as
       capacity limits are exclusive of venue   our COVID-19 numbers are declin-  STRAIGHTFORWARD,
       staff. Receptions will be required to   ing, and we are optimistic that these   PRACTICAL HOME
       follow indoor and outdoor dining guid-  trends will continue,” said Murphy.
       ance, which requires that people eat   “As always, we ask New Jerseyans to   ADVICE IN A
       and drink while seated and wear face   adhere to proper COVID-19 health and   FAST-PACED AND
                                          safety protocols.”
                                                                                  FUN FORMAT
     production steps and bottling in vials in   which takes another five to six weeks,
     Europe. Projected capacity from a Sanofi   including testing for purity. In the United
     plant in France is 12 million doses per   States and Europe, that final “fill-finish”
     month.                               process for vaccines has created bottle-
        BioNTech, Pfizer’s German partner on   necks across the industry, as manufactur-
     its mRNA vaccine, also announced deals in   ers have flooded the supply chain with
     January for rivals Sanofi and Novartis to   demand to finish hundreds of millions of
     fill and finish vaccine vials in Europe.  doses.
        The manufacturing process is time-con-  Johnson & Johnson has agreements
     suming: Johnson and Johnson ferments   for fill-finish work to be done by two com-
     large batches of its vaccine in vats at a con-  panies in the United States: Grand River
     tract manufacturing facility in Baltimore   Aseptic, with plants in Michigan, and
     operated by Emergent, as well as locations   Catalent, at a plant in Indiana. Catalent
     in the Netherlands and India. That brew-  also is performing fill-finish operations for
     ing step takes two months.           Moderna, which is obligated to deliver 300
        Emergent received commitments of   million doses of its mRNA vaccine to the
     $628 million from the Trump adminis-  government by the end of July.
     tration in June to expand capacity at its   In Italy, Catalent also is helping
     Baltimore plant for coronavirus vaccine   Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca
     production. It then received contracts   manufacture their vaccines.                              Radio Show
     worth $615 from Johnson & Johnson in   Catalent said Tuesday that it had
     July.                                sufficient, dedicated capacity at its
        But eight months later, the undisclosed   Bloomington, IN, plant to handle the vac-    Every Sunday from 2-4pm
     number of J&J vaccine doses produced   cine volume for both companies.
     at Emergent are not available for pub-  “Catalent is on track to deliver on our
     lic distribution. Emergent still has not   commitments for Johnson & Johnson   Hosted by Danny Lipford, national home improvement expert and
     been authorized to produce Johnson &   coronavirus vaccine deliveries as soon as   Joe Truini, best selling author & industry expert. Delivering trusted
     Johnson’s vaccine under the FDA emer-  we are approved to begin shipments by the
     gency use authorization, the New York   FDA, which we anticipate in the coming   advice to help homeowners care for and improve their homes.
     Times first reported Tuesday. An adminis-  weeks. Catalent is also on schedule to meet
     tration official said Emergent’s Baltimore   our commitment to Moderna to produce
     production line is expected to be approved   100 million doses by the end of March   Tune It.   Stream It. Download It.
     in the next few weeks.               2021,” company spokesman Chris Halling
        After fermenting in vats, the vaccine   said in an e-mail.
     needs to be put into its final formula-  Isaac Stanley-Becker contributed to this
     tion and packaged into vials for shipping,   report. n

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