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                                            • Eldercare and support            of the state, state Health Commissioner   Governor Extends Utility
       COVID-19 Vaccine                     • Warehousing and logistics        Judith Persichilli announced.
       Doses Administered,                  • Social services support staff      The cases of the Brazilian variant—  Shutoff Moratorium
       in NJ Counties                       • Elections personnel              officially known as P1—are linked, and   Through June 30
                                                                               officials are investigating the infected’s
                                            • Hospitality
                                                                                                                      Gov. Phil Murphy has signed Executive
                                            • Medical supply chain;            travel history, Persichilli said. So far,   Order No. 229, extending a moratorium
       Note: County totals include first    • Postal and shipping services     there are only 10 cases of the variant in
       and second doses. Source:    • Clergy                           the U.S., spread across five states and ter-  preventing New Jersey residents from
       health/cd/topics/covid2019_dash-     • Judicial system                  ritories.                           having their utilities disconnected through
       board.shtml, as of Sunday, March     Also, anyone between the ages 16 and   The first COVID-19 variant to be found   at least June 30, 2021. The moratorium
       7, at 8:58 a.m.                                                                                             was previously set to expire on March 15,
                                          64 who has one of these medical conditions   in New Jersey was the strain originally   2021, pursuant to Executive Order No.
                                          now qualifies for the state’s COVID vaccina-  discovered in the United Kingdom—
       Atlantic County: 78,454            tion program, thanks to the CDC:     known as B117. The state identified the   190 (2020). The moratorium applies to all
                                                                                                                   residential gas, electric and water utilities,
                                            • Asthma                           first two cases here in January. There are
       Bergen County: 280,845               • Cerebrovascular disease          currently 72 known cases of that variant   both public and private. Further, the utili-
                                                                                                                   ties will not be permitted to charge late
                                            • Cystic fibrosis                  across 16 counties in the state.    fees nor fees to reconnect services that
       Burlington County: 128,417           • Dementia / neurologic conditions
                                            • Diabetes (Type 1)
       Camden County: 145,602               • Hypertension
                                            • Immunocompromised state (weakened
       Cape May County: 36,851
                                          immune system)
                                            • Liver disease
       Cumberland County: 35,509            • Overweight (BMIs between 25 and 30;
                                          those 30+ were already eligible)
       Essex County: 198,867                • Pulmonary fibrosis
                                            • Thalassemia
       Gloucester County: 91,019
       Hudson County: 117,786             State Confirms Two More
                                          Highly Contagious COVID
       Hunterdon County: 33,221                                                                                    have been disconnected.
                                          Variants                               “While we are concerned about the    “Despite the fact that we now see
       Mercer County: 83,319                By Matt Arco, NJ Advance Media     increase in variant strains, the public   the light at the end of the tunnel for the
                                          for and Brent Johnson, NJ     health prevention measures we’ve all   COVID-19 pandemic, many families are
       Middlesex County: 196,972          Advance Media for, March 3,   been using—physical distancing, wearing   still reeling from the economic impacts of
                                                                               a mask, washing your hands frequently,
                                          2021                                                                     the virus,” said Murphy. “This extension,
       Monmouth County: 190,200             This story is being republished under a   getting vaccinated when it’s your turn—  along with our prior extension, is the right
                                                                               are important tools to prevent the spread
                                          special NJ News Commons content-sharing                                  thing to do to help New Jerseyans who
       Morris County: 181,952             agreement related to COVID-19 coverage.   of this virus,” Persichilli said Wednesday   are struggling to make ends meet.”
                                          Link to story:  at the state’s latest coronavirus briefing in   “Thank you, Governor Murphy, and
       Ocean County: 156,981              nj-confirms-2-more-highly-contagious-covid-  Trenton.                    thank you to our utility partners for
                                          variants-2-case-of-brazilian-and-34-cases-of-  Though the second wave of the pan-  your ongoing commitment to assisting
                                          ny-variants.html                     demic has waned in recent weeks and   New Jersey ratepayers during this truly
       Passaic County: 111,121                                                 vaccinations continue, officials have   unprecedented situation,” said President
                                            New Jersey has now identified three   warned that cases and hospitalizations in
       Salem County: 16,744                                                                                        of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
                                          separate coronavirus variants—includ-  New Jersey could rise as variants spread.  Joseph L. Fiordaliso. “We know that
                                          ing the first cases of variants originally   Persichilli said Wednesday that New   many residents continue to face economic
       Somerset County: 99,075
                                          identified in Brazil and New York—that   Jersey is seeing “a slight uptick in cases”   hardship and are struggling to pay their
                                          are thought to be more easily transmit-  recently, with case rates increased in the   bills, including utility bills. As we mark
       Sussex County: 38,213
                                          table and possibly more deadly, Gov. Phil   northwest, northeast, and central regions   a full year of this pandemic and start to
                                          Murphy’s administration announced    of the state.                       see hope on the horizon, our return to
       Union County: 128,837
                                          Wednesday.                             “This virus is still with us,” the com-  normalcy will take time. The moratorium
                                            Officials have identified two cases of   missioner said.
       Warren County: 24,750                                                                                       on shut-offs is now extended through at
                                          the Brazilian variant in Hudson County,   Murphy has also said he would likely   least June 30. We are all in this together
                                          as well as 34 cases of the New York strain   ease more COVID-19 restrictions if it
       Out of State: 66,508                                                                                        and I encourage residents to use this time
                                          concentrated in the northeastern part   weren’t for the uncertainty of the variants.   to reach out to your utility to set up a
       Unknown County: 12,046
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