What’s the Difference Between Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds?

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Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or looking for the perfect diamond piece to add to your collection, deciding on a diamond can take time. And these days, there are even more options available that can make your decision even more in-depth. Lab grown diamonds are becoming a popular alternative to natural diamonds mined from the Earth. Yet, there’s a level of misconception surrounding the authenticity of lab grown diamonds. Are they real? Are they flawless? How are they made?

We explore these questions below with the help from the experts at Dondero Jewelry, located in Vineland, New Jersey, so you can make an informed decision when considering natural or lab grown diamonds for engagement and beyond.

Ethics and origin

We all know natural diamonds are mined from various sites around the globe. Diamond extraction is the first stop in a multi-billion-dollar industry around the world. A call into question of ethical and environmentally-friendly extraction and labor has led some to seek alternative stones. And some natural diamond sellers waive accountability unlike other curators of ethically-sourced diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, are free of ethical negligence. Their physical and chemical makeup exhibit the same characteristics of natural diamonds. Made using High Pressure High Temperature and Chemical Vapor Deposition methods, lab grown diamonds may start in the lab, but they end up all the same. 


The most notable difference between natural and lab grown diamonds is the price. While lab grown diamonds exhibit the same quality and brilliance as their doppelgängers, they’re just a fraction of the price. And unless you’re attached to the idea of your diamond being natural, you could end up saving roughly 30% on your diamond purchase with a lab grown diamond.


A common concern diamond buyers have about lab grown diamonds are their authenticity. There’s a stigma of lab grown diamonds being “cold” compared to natural diamonds. However, the Federal Trade Commission no longer defines a diamond as being “natural,” and claims lab grown diamonds are, indeed, diamonds.

Where can I buy lab grown diamonds?

Many diamond sellers around the country offer lab grown diamonds as an alternative to natural. When shopping for an engagement ring or finding the perfect piece, be it a bracelet, necklace, or earrings, lab grown diamonds are more mainstream than you may know. Finding a seller near you who carries lab grown diamonds is easier than you think. 


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