Campbell Soup Co. Helping to Revitalize Camden

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For the last 150 years, the Campbell Soup Company has been making an impact in the city of Camden and just recently, they donated over a half a million dollars to help continue to revitalize the area.

Parkside, which is a century-old community in Camden, transformed into a minority neighborhood back in the 1960s and '70s. By 1993, a group of residents came together to form the Parkside Business and Community in Partnership and made it their mission to bring the area back to its once prospering urban residential area.

“Parkside provides tremendous assets and it’s a community with great strengths," Said Bridget Phifer, executive director of PBCIP. "It’s also a very affordable community.”

One of the main things PBCIP helps provide are tools for their community members to own homes in the Parkside area. Community partnerships help fund this initiative, one of them being Campbell Soup Company. 

“Campbell just recently made a nearly $700,000 investment in the Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program, which benefits one of our long-term community partners, Parkside Business and Community in Partnership," said Amanda Bauman, senior manager of Communications Affairs, Campbell Soup Co. "The wonderful thing about this investment is it actually helps to back-end a lot of projects in the Parkside neighborhood of Camden.”

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“What I think it’s going to do is change the landscape, change the face of an area of the community that has been blighted, has been in deteriorated condition for the past 15 years," said Phifer. "So, it’s going to begin to give a sense of hope.”

There are multiple success stories that have already come out of PBCIP.

“Being in the moderate income bracket, with being a mom, I have to pay for daycare out of pocket, I have to pay for food out of pocket because I didn’t qualify for certain programs that people who fall in the category of low income," said Asha Anderson, PBCIP homeowner. 

Anderson knew she couldn’t afford to purchase a home on her own, but then she reached out to PBCIP for information on purchasing a newly renovated home in Parkside. She was able to get a mortgage at half the rate of what she would have received without their help, enabling her to raise her son in a home of their own.

For more information on Parkside Business and Community in Partnership, visit their website,, or check them out all of their social media platforms.


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