Xspero App Making a Difference for Nonprofit Organizations

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A new social-giving network allows people to support local charities in an innovative and easy way. 

Since it benefits both local businesses and local charities, Peter Geleta, acting president of Xspero, says the shopping app is a win-win.

“Xspero is really cool because you have gift cards that are on your phone and rather than having a bunch of gift cards that you have to remember where they are," says Geleta, "you just take your smart phone and go to the merchant and pull the app up once you buy the gift card and the merchant just redeems it just like that."

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Geleta says Xspero allows anyone to choose to support the charity of their choice.

“You don’t pay anything more than what you would pay anyway," says Geleta. "And 20 percent of that expenditure — whether it would be for a nice restaurant, whether it would be for a detailing for your car, or whether it would be for math tutoring for your child — 20 percent of that expenditure goes to the charity of your choice.” 

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As the Levoy Theatre prepares for its second week of hosting the musical Into the Woods, those working at the theatre say they are excited to see how Xspero will benefit their nonprofit organization.

“We were very excited when Xspero was introduced to us," says Phillip Van Embden, chairman of the board of Levoy Theatre. "It’s a mobile app that allows people that are patronizing merchants locally and regionally to make a charitable donation to our organization.” 

“Its really a great way to participate in the arts as well as the downtown area," says Paul Herron, executive director, Levoy Theatre. "Art feeds off of people and feeds the businesses in the area. So it’s a great way of collaborating.” 

To learn more, visit xspero.com.


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