Local Florist Gives Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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With Valentine’s Day just a day away, you might be one of many scurrying to grab that perfect item to swoon the apple of your eye. 

Those at Triple Oaks Nursery and Herb Garden have been working hard putting together last-minute Valentine’s Day bouquets.

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From specialty arrangements to dozens of long-stem roses, owner Lorraine Kiefer, of Triple Oaks Nursery and Herb Garden, says they are ready to help. 

“Whether ... it’s a grandmom buying a couple of flowers for her grandchildren with a lollipop [or] whether it’s a sweetheart buying his brand-new girlfriend a dozen red roses, that’s usually what the guys pick for romance,” says Kiefer.

Kiefer says fragrant Victorian Tuberoses make the specialty flower of the year for bouquets.

“As it heats up — right now it’s cold from our cooler — it’ll smell really fragrant, like an old-fashioned rose,” says Kiefer.

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So before heading out to the local grocery shop, Joe Kiefer, manager of Triple Oaks Nursery and Herb Garden, says his florist shop receives the most premium flowers handled with tons of tender love and care.

“We’ve got the premium long-stem roses and ... a lot of different specialty items," says Kiefer. "Martini glasses are always a hit. We’ve got great stuff for cash and carry.” 

If you're a guy second-guessing about executing a romantic move, he also has an idea.

“It’s a great idea to send flowers to work for your girl," says Kiefer. "I’ll just tell you that all of the girls at work will just look at the flower delivery person and they all want the flowers to be for them. [But] when it goes to your girl, that’s what gonna make you the hero of the day."

To learn more, visit tripleoaks.com/index.php?current-item=yes.


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