Boscov's Brings a Piece of Home and Some Love to Those Overseas

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Each year, the Boscov's in Vineland tries to do something special to give back to their community and this year is no different.

“We have an absolutely phenomenal public relations manager that came to us this year, Judi Dawson, and she said, ‘You know what, you guys do something great with the veterans for the holiday season, let’s do something with the soldiers,'” said Lillian Acosta, store manager at Boscov's Vineland.

The new Valentine’s Day-themed incentive would add to the ways they give back, but little did Dawson know, it would directly affect employees in their store.

“My son has been in Korea for the last six months," said Millie Negrón, staff manager, Boscov's Vineland. "He’s an Airman in the Air Force. He’s been there serving for about a year and a half already.”

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For men and women serving just like Negrón's son, this Boscov's has decided to partner with American Recreational Military Services to gather items to send over as care packages to those in all branches servicing overseas.

“Yeah, they have stores that they can buy things, but they have certain items, you’re not going to find it. Especially not in South Korea," said Negrón. 

“It’s stuff that brings them back home," said Acosta. "That simple candy bar, the baby wipe, the toothbrush, and toothpaste; it’s stuff that they don’t see where they’re at right now so it kind of connects them back to where their roots came from.”

Negrón said that having her son away from home is still a new experience for her. She also explained that there’s a lot of help out there for mother’s like herself learning to adjust to this major change, but to see her work community come together to bring even more support, she feels proud.

“It touches somebody, somewhere down the line whether it’s their kid, grandkid, a friend," said Negrón. "I think this is something everybody can sit there and say, ‘yeah it’s touched me.’”

“We had a mom that recently came in and she brought in two bags of goods and she said to us, ‘You know, my son came back safe. This is the least that I could do,'” said Acosta.

Boscov's has a list of donations needed right near the courtesy desk. Anyone can bring in donations or pick from the list and shop right in their store.


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