Local Business Offering Job Opportunities to Thousands with Disabilities

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Since 1984, Easterseals New Jersey has offered a variety of disability services which are meant to help those with special needs, and teach them how to address life’s challenges and improve their quality of life. According to experts, they’ve been able to help roughly 9,000 individuals annually.
“There’s always new challenges for everyone especially people with disabilities to overcome, Easterseals has always been at the forefront of providing that support,” said Chris McMahon, Easterseals Director of Business Operations and Employment.
Easterseals’ explains that their mission is to make these individuals feel one hundred percent included during daily activities, as well as in their communities. One area this organization focuses on is job employment. With the help of mentors, counselors and job coaches, Easterseals works to make it easier for everyone to receive the guidance, and encouragement  they need to land a job.
“When they come in we build a plan with them,” said Angela Mack, the Director of the Employment Division. “When we go through those plans, we make measurable attainable outcomes that they will achieve throughout the year that they are here. During that time, staff will meet with them and make sure modifications are done. We also work on levels of progress throughout the day, and track and monitor everything to make sure that they are meeting those goals.”
While attending vocational training, individuals gain experience and a paycheck by completing various subcontracting work that comes through their doors. They are tasked with projects that can be anything from, labeling, assembling, shrink wrapping, repackaging, and coding products.
Once their training is complete, mentors will place them in a job and provide appropriate supervision until full comprehension for the position is fulfilled. Until the  individual is comfortable and feels that they can work independently with out support, their job coach will assist the individual two to three times a month to help support and guide them in their role.
Easterseals partnered with New Jersey Packaging and Fulfillment Services, and File Save Imaging Document Management Services. Together, they seek outside businesses, and provide them with an efficient, cost effective solution with the help of their highly-trained workforce.  
“We service various industries, actually most industries,” said Orsola Andersen, the Statewide Business Developer for NJ Packaging Services and File Safe Imaging. “We do some pharmaceutical packing that’s not medicine related so it would be more started kits and such. We do cosmetics, perfume, haircare, paint, wall tape, window latches. We will pretty much quote on any job.”
Andersen also explained that one of their  main messages to a businesses is the cost savings. She believes that much of the time businesses don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes in the warehouse. This gives the business the ability to get the job done without hiring more staff.
“This is an opportunity for a business to see a lot of our individuals that we have here are so much more reliable and dependable because they love to be at work,” said Mack.
For more information about Easterseals New Jersey and their programs, visit their website at easterseals.com/nj.


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