Officials Give Motorists Tips for Driving on Slick, Wintery Roads

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As snow continued to fall through most of the day in South Jersey — making for messy travel — Pennsauken officials were the first to respond to road-related incidents. 

Pennsauken officials have been advising motorists and local residents about what to do in the case of an emergency.

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Raymond Kern, traffic officer, Pennsauken Police, says he hopes to see motorists navigate the roads as safely as possible.

“Take your time. Try to stay in the center lane if you can and avoid the fast lane," says Kern. "A lot of people seem to spin out more in that lane, hydroplaning. Keep it at a safe speed and safe distance and you should be fine.” 

But that hasn’t been the case.

“At about 7 o'clock this morning, the roads were pretty slick and snow covered [and] we did experience a few accidents," says Kern. "Mainly rear end accidents from people traveling too closely to the other vehicles were preventable. A few vehicles spun out again from excessive speed [and] probably could have been avoided if you give yourself a little bit of time.” 

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Joe Scavuzzo, director, Pennsauken Public Works Department, says they are also trying to help decrease the amount of weather-related accidents on the roads, especially when rain gets involved.

“Freezing rain or if it does change over and the temperature were to drop it doesn’t seem like its going to happen," says Scavuzzo, "but if it does, just making sure the intersections are clear. And where most vehicular traffic has to maneuver, that they have the opportunity if they’re driving a little too fast they’ll be able to stop.” 

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Scavuzzo says that while there are often residents wondering why their streets aren’t always plowed quickly, they do their best to make sure all roads are taken care of.

“We have GPS on all of the vehicles so we’re monitoring that," says Scavuzzo. "[We're] driving around making sure that they’re doing a good job keeping the streets and the intersections wider [because] it seems to get tight as more snow accumulates on the side streets.” 

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