Developers Wanted: Atlantic City's Orange Loop Looking to Grow

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The PR Council of Greater Atlantic City and Bourre Atlantic City hosted a forum led by developer Evan Sanchez to officially introduce The Orange Loop, a collaboration of entrepreneurs and businesses looking to make Atlantic City a destination for people to live, work, and play.

“We really wanted to bring together the panel today to share the stories of the businesses that are in The Orange Loop, that are making up the orange loop, to let people know what the Orange Loop is," said Evan Sanchez, co-founder of Authentic City Partners and co-owner of HayDay Coffee.

They're hoping the success stories will bring in more developers and more businesses to help grow the community outside of the hustle and bustle of Atlantic City’s former casino-driven image.

“When you’re thinking about small business in South Jersey, we really want you to be thinking about Atlantic City and specifically The Orange Loop," said Sanchez. "The goal has always been to be the center of gravity where people who are interested in entrepreneurship, they wanna start a small business, is that they come into The Orange Loop, they open, and the become a part of the team. We always want to build a bigger and better team here at the orange loop.”
One of the new additions coming here to the Orange Loop will actually be a shipping container hotel and park. It will be located on New York Avenue in a currently vacant lot. This is an innovative concept that Asbury Park developer Pat Fasano is bringing into the city, which Sanchez says may be something most parts of the country have never even seen.
“What he’s trying to do is innovate in Atlantic City, which is what our history is, incredibly rich, innovative history and so he wants to build kind of that next step," said Sanchez.
Another image that Sanchez is trying to change is the financial aspect of investing in Atlantic City. He explained that Orange Loop businesses are proving investors can make an impact with smaller dollar amounts.
“One of the things that I think is part of the Atlantic City story all too often is that you have to come in and spend $100 million to make an impact," said Sanchez. "We wanted to stack up small bricks, small amounts of investments together, to show that you can make that kind of impact.”
Sanchez said that seeing The Orange Loop come together happened quicker than he anticipated, but he doesn’t see the project having a completion date. He hopes it continues to grow for many years to come.

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