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A Leesburg native is on a cross-country mission to bring healing and stress relief to a troubled society.

Humanity is in need of healing.

If you view the news, whether it’s global or local, daytime or nighttime, conservative or liberal, you will undoubtedly be bombarded with the negative aspects of human interaction throughout the world.

For 35 days, 800,000 federal employees were either furloughed or unceremoniously forced to work without pay due to a political dispute.

In Syria, thousands of innocent people have been injured or killed by toxic gas attacks in a war that has gone on for more than seven years.

A grand jury report released in August of 2018 acknowledged, according to a story on, “widespread sexual abuse by over 300 Catholic priests in Pennsylvania.”

Islamic terrorists continue to evoke the name of God while committing heinous acts, including suicide bombings throughout multiple cities across the world.

Even in our own backyard, here in Cumberland County, Millville midget league coach Joseph Jones was gunned down after football practice at Lakeside Middle School. Also, nine-year-old Jennifer Trejo died after a stray bullet penetrated her bedroom wall and struck her while she slept.

Racism, mass shootings, domestic violence, gender and economic inequality, and mounting deaths from opioid abuse are just a few more of the disheartening topics you will encounter by flipping through the channels or surfing the web.

However, there is a group of spiritually minded individuals in South Jersey who have decided to make it their life’s mission to help the world reach a place of peace and harmony through ancient holistic methods, mainly through the healing art of sound.

I’ve dabbled in all different modalities as far as healing, and [working with crystal sound bowls] is probably the deepest one I’ve come across.

According to, “sound healing through various techniques and technologies, [is] the educated and conscious use of the energy of sound to reach identified goals and promote wellness in the human system—including the expansion of consciousness.”

“As a matter of fact, this is a form of non-spoken therapy,” says Jay Schwed, sound healer, musician, teacher and visionary who has been performing sound therapy for about 24 years.

There are many forms of sound healing that can be used to bring one’s soul back into a harmonic state with nature.

According to a November 2005 article in the New York Times, the author Stephanie Rosenbloom states, “sound healing … also known as vibrational medicine, the practice employs the vibrations of the human voice as well as objects that resonate—tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls—to go beyond relaxation and stimulate healing.”

Schwed and his group of sound alchemists mainly employ the use of crystal singing bowls as their primary tools in bringing peace, health, and harmony back to a world that appears to be tumbling perilously down a rabbit hole of chaos, confusion, and disharmony.

“Crystal singing bowls are really fascinating,” says Schwed. “[They] use the sound of vibration to carry frequencies of the Earth restoring harmony to the people, but also helping people reconnect with Earth. Animals, insects, flowers—all life is connected. Singing bowls are tools that have been used for a long time to help restore people into oneness."

“One of the really cool things with sound is that it travels through physical structure, so it goes outwardly, infinitely,” says Megan Ann Walker, 32, sound healer, teacher, and sonic alchemist. "I recently read a study that was about using sound and vibration to destroy cancer cells."

According to, “The Aboriginal people of Australia are the first known culture to heal with sound. Their ‘yidaki’ (modern name, didgeridoo) has been used as a healing tool for at least 40,000 years. The Aborigines healed broken bones, muscle tears and illnesses of every kind using their enigmatic musical instrument."

“The sounds and the vibrations go into the body all the way down to the core, down into the bones, and it releases the traumas, it releases the stress and allows the oxygen, energy, and blood to flush out,” says Schwed. “Not only the ... toxins that are built up in our muscles, but the cellular memories that we have in every cell in our body.”

I think that it's a time in history, in humanity, where we're able to receive these really special gifts from the universe and begin to share them with a wider audience.

Countless people who have gone through a series of agonizingly, painful ordeals in their lives will attest to the positive effects that sound healing has had on them, including several of Schwed and Walker’s students, who have gone on to become sound healers themselves.

“From experience, three years of active duty in the army, trained to kill, trained to survive—my vibration was very low,” says Trace Carrozzino, of Pittsgrove, spiritual advisor, reiki practitioner, sound healing alchemist practitioner, Intuitive Holistix South Jersey.

“I had a fracture to the neck of my femur in training, then I got run over by a car in Germany while I was on my knees cleaning a gutter,” recalls Carozzino, 28, who received an honorable discharge from the army after serving from 2010 to 2013. “I had to be on at least 10 different medications. My energy was so low that my soul barely even wanted to be in my body. [I] dealt with drug addiction, came off of that with the help of cannabis, and then started to allow my soul to come home to self.

“I’ve dabbled in all different modalities as far as healing, and [working with crystal sound bowls] is probably the deepest one I’ve come across. I have PTSD. I have chronic pain. I have a laundry list of [maladies] and I feel like this is the most beneficial.”

“It was during a meditative experience,” says Ginnie Brown, about how the soothing music of sound healing entered her life. “Actually, Jesus asked me to come on this ascension journey, and being a person in the box with extreme pain for years, I said ‘sure.’ ” 

Brown, a Galloway resident, master sound healer of Ascend to Wellness, and member of Sisters in Sound Healing, had experienced lifelong debilitating pain and had to have surgery due to a congenital spinal condition. During her ascension journey she discovered a true path to healing.

“We are all channels for healing other people and can through our lives experience [and] learn to channel energy better to heal others just by holding a higher vision and vibration,” Brown explains. “And the sound tools were something I found early on in my own personal healing journey that were crucial [for me] to get healed.

“I feel the potential of physical healing and reintegrating the body after physical injury or stroke. I’m passionate about that, but the medical community is still quite closed. I have clients who have cancer, immunization injury, and to … allow the body to heal and be in that state of calm where the true healing action occurs … is what I get from the bowls.”

There are some in the medical community who are open to the uplifting effects sound healing can have on human beings.

Dr. John Mainiero, owner of Mainiero Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center, in Vineland, is a staunch supporter of sonic alchemy.

“Raising the vibration,” says Mainiero, when asked what the connection is between sound healing and being a healthy person. “Raising the frequency of the body to a state that makes them happy with themselves. You know when … you’re a little kid and they pick you up and they spin you around and [you feel] all the joy in the world? That’s kind of how it is when I heard the bowls. I felt like someone picked me up, hugged me real tight, spun me around, looked in my eyes … you just don’t forget that feeling.”

Mainiero, who has run his practice for about 25 years, has been a home to the South Jersey Sound Healers and has co-hosted numerous sound healing events with them in his Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center after meeting Walker a couple of years ago. He also has his own interesting story on how he discovered the benefits of sonic alchemy.

“My first introduction into sound healing was through a laser company [years ago]. We developed light mediated lasers, which produced frequencies the same as the bowls do,” says Mainiero. “We found that years ago they used a frequency called rife frequencies to heal. And the company figured out a way to use the frequencies with a laser to deregulate pain and inflammation. From that point on I realized there was a significance in the tools that we were using which were vibratory also. The vibration was not only from the machine but it was also coming from you as an intention to heal.

"I knew I was in the right direction with the sound healing—and then Megan walked into my office [a couple of years ago]. For some reason we clicked immediately. She started talking about vibration and the bowls ... I didn’t see the bowls yet. I was just hearing what she was telling me and I pulled my book out and I showed her the laser, and the next thing you know we were speaking the same language.”

Walker and Schwed, who both live in Arizona, have been traveling across the country teaching and building teams of sound healers in their effort to bring this world back into a place of peace and harmony. But Walker, originally from Leesburg, has been working with energy healing for about three years and feels that a shift in energy is occurring here in Cumberland County.

“There’s about 15 people in this community that we’ve trained in the last few months to do sound healing here at [Dr. Mainiero’s],” says Walker. “There’s a whole additional community of sound healers [who] are working and sharing the vision and the vibration with their communities. It’s so powerful to see that these sounds and vibrations are not just transforming our own personal lives, but the entire community.”

Maegan Athena Quinones, energy healer, card reader, and sonic alchemist from Buena, who was also taught by Walker and Schwed, feels a spiritual obligation to help her fellow brothers and sisters of humanity with the gifts she’s received through sound healing.

“Once I started working with the bowls, I incorporated them with my energy healing,” says Quinones, who is also a reiki and an Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner. “I always felt called to do more and I followed that calling and it brought me to energy healing and to vibrational alchemy, which is part of the holistic health field. It’s very exciting to be able to offer those services to help other people. So, if there’s any way I can share that, to me, that’s the true value in it. What good is it if I don’t share with everybody else?”

As a matter of fact, this is a form of non-spoken therapy.

"I think that's how a lot of us get to sharing these kind of [unique] gifts with the world," Walker adds. "I think that it's a time in history, in humanity, where we're able to receive these really special gifts from the universe and begin to share them with a wider audience."

“All across the world carries a heavy vibration of … deceit, violence, and aggression,” says Schwed. “What we’re doing is restoring the harmony and balance, not only to each person’s life, but in each community as sound restores the healing—into the walls, the floors, each community. We’re restoring harmony [and] balance on the cellular level.”

“One of the really cool things with building teams in every community is that then each person in the team gets to go into where they’re called,” says Walker. “So, [sound healers] may be called to work with people with PTSD, people with addictions, people with mental health issues, people that are grieving the loss of loved ones.”

Humanity is in need of healing, and the teams of sonic alchemists in Cumberland County, South Jersey, across the country, and around the world have boldly accepted the mission to eradicate negativity, pain, chaos, and confusion from this planet by spreading love, peace, and harmony using one of the oldest tools that has been made available for human beings to utilize—sound.

“There’s got to be a peaceable alternative where we can all feel great and joyful together, even when there’s been a history of disharmony,” says Brown. “It’s allowing Spirit to help … and the [crystal singing] bowls are the icing on the cake.”


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