New Mike Trout Nikes Represent a Piece of Millville History

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The city of Millville is home to many places that have played a huge part in our nation’s history, for example, the Army Air Field. Over the years, baseball’s Mike Trout has helped put the city and its rich history back on the radar of many big companies like ESPN and Nike.

“Nike contacted me about 18 months ago and said they were going to be designing a cleat that actually used our mosquito logo that we’ve had for over 30 years and they were going to be taking a trout, a fish, and actually putting it inside," said Lisa Jester, executive director of the Millville Army Air Field Museum. "So, they did need approval from our museum to actually proceed with the design.”

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Nike representatives and designers came out to the airport several months ago as they began their designing process to build a shoe specifically for Trout.

“From the very beginning, when he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, they mentioned the history of the Millville Army Air Field and the importance of World War II," said Jester. "That is so incredible and it’s so cool to know that Nike actually recognizes that history and was able to create a cleat that shows off the very important history that we are so proud of.”

The cleat is made to look like a P-47 Thunderbolt, one of the best fighter planes of its time. The thunderbolt is also the symbol of Trout's alma mater, Millville High School.

“The Thunderbolt nickname came from the pilots, P-47 pilots in World War II who went on to fight in Europe and help to end that war, the air superiority on that war," said Bob Trivellini, board vice president of the Millville Army Air Field Museum. "Mike Trout being a Thunderbolt from Millville High School represents a lot of those great qualities that those pilots had.”

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The shoe also features a strap with the words - PULL HERE TO EJECT - as well as scale-like textures on the outer sides.

The new Mike Trout signed shoe will be displayed at the Millville Army Air Museum inside a case with the history of its design and who designed it, as well as the two other donated custom Millville Mike Trout Nike shoes.

As of right now, come Friday, February 1st, Nike will be releasing a very limited amount of the Trout5 Elite cleats, but it it unclear of where or how many. It is sure that Trout will have his own pair ready for the coming baseball season.


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