4 Things to Think About When Booking Your Summer Beach House

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It’s true—nothing keeps the winter blues at bay like planning your summer vacation in beautiful Ocean City, NJ. But before you score the perfect summer beach house, there are some things you’ll want to consider to ensure you book the best beach house for the vacation you have in mind. Whether sunning yourself on the shore or tearing up the bay on the back of a jet ski, the kind of vacation you want should weigh on the beach house you book.

Here are 4 things to consider before booking your summer beach house in Ocean City with Monihan Realty.



Before you can dive into the fun of planning your summer vacation in Ocean City, NJ—like exploring local attractions and looking at all the different beach houses available through Monihan Realty—you have to crunch some numbers.

 Deciding on a budget for your summer vacation can depend on a slew of factors: how many people you’re accommodating, how much you have to spend, and how long you plan to stay.

Once you can answer these questions for sure, it will be much easier to plan your visit to the shore and find the perfect summer beach house in your price range.



Now that you’ve established a budget for your summer vacation rental in Ocean City, NJ, determining where on the island you’d like to stay is a best next-step.

What’s number one on your list when you visit? Catching a wave? Hitting the boards? Crabbing on the bay? Prioritizing your visit before booking a summer beach house in Ocean City will help you determine a desired location for your stay and its proximity to local attractions.

If sand and surf is high on your list, you may want to book a beach house near Central or Wesley Avenues—the roads that run along the shore. And if you plan on eating lots of funnel cake and ice cream or fishing near the inlet, you’ll probably want to be close to the boardwalk or bayside.

 Check out Monihan Realty’s recreation guide to help plan your stay in Ocean City, NJ!



What are the amenities you can’t live without? And what are the ones that you can? Work within the borders of your budget to determine the features of a summer beach house you can afford and desire.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a balcony overlooking the Atlantic or an outdoor shower for some post-shore R&R. Not every listing will have all the amenities you may be looking for, so decide the ones you want, and use Monihan Realty’s easy-to-use vacation rental search to narrow down your options.  


Space and size

Another factor of your decision should hinge on how many people you will be vacationing with in Ocean City, NJ.

Family of four? Family of ten? Just you and a significant other? You’ll want to ensure there’s enough space and lodging for you and your guests when booking your summer beach house. Between bedrooms and pull-outs, Monihan Realty offers a wide range of vacation rentals with accommodations for the whole family—just no fighting over the master suite!

With over 70 years of real estate experience and dozens of agents at their employ, Monihan Realty is Ocean City’s go-to for summer vacation rentals. If you’re ready for fun and sun in Ocean City, NJ, head over to Monihan.com to start planning your summer vacation! Or stop into one of their two convenient office locations in Ocean City, NJ: 3201 Central Avenue or 717 Battersea Road. Call their Central Avenue location at 609.399.0998 or their Battersea Road location at 609.399.1311.