Haddonfield Police Department Introduces First K-9 Officer

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A Camden County police department just announced the newest member of their team. He happens to go by 'Officer Blue,' walks on all fours, and will be working as their first ever K-9 officer.

But what's it like to not only be the newest officer on the block, but also the first of it's kind in Haddonfield? The community is welcoming him with open arms. 

“It’s amazing. I just saw the dog for the first time about a half hour ago," said Chief Jason Cutler. "I can’t believe, [in] less than 24 hours how he’s already bonded with Officer Jake.”

After over a year of prep and research, on Thursday, January 3rd, Officer Jacob Sorg and Lieutenant Steven Camiscioli drove up to New York State to pick up Haddonfield Police Department’s very first K-9 officer. Out of a littler of bloodhounds, 'Blue' ended up being their number one pick.

“We were up there with the New York State Police and they ran us through a few tests where they would drop the dog into certain positions to see how he reacts," said Officer Jacob Sorg, Blue's new handler. "Blue here, on every stage, he reacted perfectly. He came to my commands. He was very alert. Even with all of the distractions in the road, he just blew everything out of the water.”

“We picked a bloodhound because of it’s tracking ability," said Cutler. "It is known throughout the K-9 police world as the best tracking scent dog.”

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The Chief also said they are friendlier and more approachable than other police dog breeds.

“Thanks to my chief and my mayor with their assistance and their help, it’s been a wonderful experience. I can’t say enough," said Camiscioli.

“As a mayor, I never imagined that we were going to have a K-9 on the force," said Mayor Neal Rochford. "And one of the things that we do is when we have a new officer, we swear them in. And I’m not quite sure how we’re going to swear-in Blue yet. So, raise your right paw… that kinda thing.”

Blue is only two months old. At 10-months-old, he will be sent away for a few months to a personalized bloodhound trainer to learn different tracking and trailing techniques. 

He will be one of the only bloodhounds in the area so other police departments will also get to benefit from Blue being on the force on an as needed basis.

Blue will start right away going out on rides with Sorg to get him adjusted to the car and what he will be going through after he is sworn-in with the Haddonfield Police Department.



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