Camden Experiences Reduction in Violent Crimes in 2018

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The year 2018 proved to be a positive one for Camden with officials announcing the city saw its lowest level of homicides since 1985.

Camden County Police Department officials finished 2018 with double-digit reductions in almost all Part 1 categories of violent crime.

This amounts to a total drop of 18 percent over 2017 for violent crime, accounting for 1,200 incidents.

Officials say this transformation throughout the city is all thanks to the commitment and dedication of the men and women of the Camden County Police Department who work closely with residents to bridge the gap between the community and the people that protect it.

"We realize that we weren't going to make this a safer, healthier city by trying to arrest our way out of the problem," said Scott Thomson, Camden County Police Chief. "So by putting officers on foot, by riding bicycles in these neighborhoods ... the mandate of every officer's day is to knock on doors and to talk to people.

"How we measure their success [aren't] the tickets that they write or the arrests that they make, it's how many kids are riding their bicycles and how many people are sitting on the front steps of their home."

The last time the city finished with under 24 homicides was in 1985, and the clearance rate for homicide cases is above 60 percent.

Between both metrics, Camden is seeing less murders and the ones that are being committed are being solved and suspects are being held accountable.


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