Former State Senator Jeff Van Drew Prepares for Washington, D.C.

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As of Wednesday, January 2nd, Congressman-Elect Jeff Van Drew has officially stepped down from his position as state senator.

“Today, I am not anything," said Van Drew at the place where his political career all began, Dennis Township. "I’m not a State Senator nor am I a Congressman yet."

Van Drew will be officially sworn-in as a United States Congressman on Thursday, January 3rd.

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The Congressman-Elect said it was a long process getting ready to head to Washington, D.C. Part of it was finding his less-than 500-square-foot studio apartment and another was selling his well-known South Jersey dental practice.

“So many things had to be done," said Van Drew. "And then on top of that, I had to look for an office in the district to have somewhere people can meet me in the district. I actually had a nice conversation with Congressman LoBiondo.”

Van Drew said it made sense to the both of them to keep the same office retiring 2nd District Congressman Frank LoBiondo was in. Even certain members of LoBiondo’s staff will be staying on with Van Drew.

“So we’ll have a mixture of some continuity from the work that Congressman LoBiondo has done — with of course, my own flavor on it. And we will have an office where everybody still knows where it is. It’s centrally located," said Van Drew.

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He said his goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible for the people he will be serving.

Van Drew explained that back when he was on the Township Committee in Dennis Township, he never thought he’d be heading down to Washington, D.C., like he will in the morning. But he will certainly be taking what he learned in South Jersey with him.

“All the way from being a councilman, to a mayor, to a freeholder, to an assemblyman and a senator, I always worked in a bipartisan way," said Van Drew. "So I hope that doesn’t have to change because it’s dysfunctional when you don’t, in my opinion. So, I hope to work on that and then of course, there’s the real issues that are so important.”

Even now as Van Drew takes on nationwide issues, there’s one thing he wants everyone here to remember.

“I’m always, always, always going to represent South Jersey, and be a real advocate for South Jersey,” said Van Drew.


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