New Year's Eve Prep Underway in Pennsauken

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As we ring in the New Year, officers and bar owners want to make sure those celebrating have fun the right and safe way.

Once the champagne has been popped, the New Year's Eve festivities will have officially begun. If you’re one of many stepping out of the house to celebrate, officers in Pennsauken want to make sure you make it to the next year.

Sergeant Steven Reese explains how the township plans to patrol the area during the evening.

“We’re probably gonna have at least four police officers out and in individual cars driving around town, which is more than we usually have," said Reese. "Usually, we have two officers that are out Friday night and two officers on a Saturday night. But because of it being New Year's, we’re gonna have four out, possibly more.”

Bartenders at the Jug Handle Inn say they keep an eye out for those that have one too many drinks.

“Everybody is pretty good here, we try to make sure everyone gets home safe, and if need be we take care of their Uber for them," said Time Eck. "Just anything we can do to make sure everyone gets home safe.”

The folks at Bryson’s Pub in Pennsauken know that drinking is a huge part of New Year's Eve, which is why they have partnered with Sober Sam, a program that has been proven successful in previous years. The owner says that he is happy to implement it again this New Year's Eve.

For those who aren’t familiar with current ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft, Paul Bryson, owner of Bryson's Pub, says Sober Sam is another reliable option.

“Sober Sam is a great thing," said Bryson. "They come with two people. They’ll drive you home and then the other person will drive your car home so when you wake up in the morning your car is in the driveway.”

Reese provides additional advice for those that are sober and happen to witness anything suspicious while driving on the roads.

“Absolutely, you call 911 and do as best as you can describing the vehicle, direction of the vehicle, the license plate, and as much detail as possible to our dispatchers that they can relay that to the officer and officers are more than happy to find that car to at least speak to the operator,” he said.

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