Operation Walk, AtlantiCare Give Patients Free Hip Replacements

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AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center is the only healthcare organization in New Jersey participating in Operation Walk USA 2018, partnering to give three patients free hip replacements.

Annie Miti is one of three recipients in New Jersey chosen to undergo hip replacement surgery.

She knew it was time to do something about the pain that she has endured for too long.

Thanks to Operation Walk — an international volunteer medical organization — Miti didn’t have to worry about breaking the bank to ease the ongoing discomfort she had felt for years.

Miti said she had been contemplating about finding a way to cover financial costs after her diagnosis.

“When they said I needed a hip replacement, that’s the first thing that was going through my mind," says Miti. "I said, 'All this pain and no insurance' — I just sat there. I was almost in tears. What am I gonna do, how am I gonna do this financially?” 

She works as an in-home caregiver and companion for a 92-year-old patient that has received treatment by Dr. Fabio Orozco, who is the same surgeon who just worked on Miti.

Miti is no stranger to putting others first, even before her own health.

"I’m so used to literally taking care of everybody so it feels ... just so overwhelming," she says.

Kim Allen, a clinical director at AtlantiCare, says patients have to get financially assessed and medically evaluated before receiving treatment.

It takes a village to organize a successful journey for each recipient.

“There are dozens of people that touch these patients prior to this event actually happening over a four-to-six month time frame," says Allen. "The patients are selected, they come through the clinics in the community, [and] they also come through the Operation Walk website.

"So we are honored to be one of 29 facilities across the nation that are participating in this."

The successful treatment has left a happy patient who is eager to have her life back.

“I’m here and I’m done. I’m ready to run,” says Miti.

To learn more, visit operationwalk.org.


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