Students Take on National Handwashing Week Challenge

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Coming at the height of flu season, National Handwashing Week helps kids and the adults around them learn the importance of washing their hands.

It’s a time when germs become more common in a classroom.

That’s why Essity, a hygiene and health company, spreads awareness for proper handwashing habits among children through its Handwashing Works education program.

Diane Engler, communications director for Essity, says the program has been successful for kids learning about basic handwashing skills.

“We introduced this program earlier in October and we have introduced this to schools throughout the country, and here in the Philadelphia area and in New Jersey we have been going out to schools and the Kings Christian School said we would really love for you to bring this to us,” said Engler. 

Pre-K and kindergarten students at the King's Christian School in Cherry Hill gathered to learn about five steps toward achieving cleanliness in a fun way.

Eventually testing if they could remove all of the germs from their hands.

“We have what we call black-light activity," said Engler. "We take special lotion that is pretend dirt, we put it on the children’s hands, and they put it under a light and it glows in the dark. And then we say this is what dirt could be. They go to the bathroom, they wash their hands, and they come back to show us how well they washed their hands."

Engler says Essity welcomes any school to try out its Handwashing Works program by ordering a free handwashing kit and downloading educational materials through its website.

“The best part of this is to see Pre-K kids get really excited about handwashing. You can see a light bulb go on that says, 'OK, I know I do this every day, but this can be fun and I’m really gonna learn a lot today,'” said Engler.

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