Ocean City Fire Department Implements Changes for First Responders

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The Ocean City Fire Department is stepping up its safety game in order to help better serve the community.

Ocean City’s Fire Department has welcomed a brand new fire truck into its fleet.

The 42-foot-long, 12-feet and 4-inches-tall truck weighs up to 70,000 pounds. 

Captain John Quigley Jr. says the $1.1 million truck will improve efficiency for the department.

“It is a 2018 Pierce 107 ascendant ladder and it has an all steer 15 hundred gallon pump. Carries 450 gallons of water and all of our tools that we need,” said Quigley. 

Quigley says the new truck will allow firefighters to raise the ladder faster and higher than its previous truck.

“The trucks usually last about 20 years," said Quigley. "And then they have to be replaced; our old truck was a 1999. The ladder truck was 105 feet and just the maintenance was, you know, killing us with that, so it was just about time."

Final touches on the truck's paint scheme include Ocean City’s marketing slogan – "America’s Greatest Family Resort" — and a tribute to firefighters who responded to the 9/11 attacks.

Yet the fire department isn’t only testing the new vehicle, they are also implementing a safety system. Captain Ray Clark says it is a personal life-saving kit that allows quick reaction time during dangerous situations.

“Its built for the individual firefighter," said Clark. "For his or her protection. If they ever get in trouble in a burning building, in an elevated structure, and need to bail out a window or a doorway, this is the system."

Firefighter and brother of Captain Ray, Ryan Clark, says he is thankful for the new bailout system that Ocean City has invested in, which will be carried by all 63 members of the fire department.

“This is a superior device compared to what we use because you actually had to clench and squeeze the device before," said Ryan Clark. "Where the system we have now, if your hands burn, you have dexterity in your fingers and you can just pull the lever down.”

To learn more, visit oceancityfirefighters.com.


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