The Race for the 2nd District Congressional Seat Continues

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It’s been over two decades since New Jersey has seen an opening in the 2nd District Congressional District seat and in just a few short days residents will find out if Senator Jeff Van Drew makes a move to Congress or if Seth Grossman takes the win.
Van Drew expressed that he believes the district, “needed strong leadership and somebody, in all essence, knew their way around the block. What a decision that you make at the federal level, how that is going to affect mayors, how they is going to affect senators, and the people that they represent more importantly, and how it’s going to affect county government and I have that institutional knowledge."

Van Drew and Grossman said they both agree on the fact the United States government is currently very divided but Grossman said he holds certain groups responsible.

“Every single problem I see can be fixed, but I fear the Democrats don’t want to fix the program," said Grossman. "The Democrats want to chop people up into little groups that are angry, resentful, and hateful toward each other because then people need the Democrats to protect them. I want people to be self-reliant, comfortable, prosperous, and happy. And that’s the America we once had and we can make that America once again.”

Both candidates discussed multiple issues facing the country that they feel most passionate about.
Grossman believes the most important is immigration.

“We’ve got to defend our country, from basically an invasion of people who just want to tear this country apart," said Grossman. "We’ve got to build the wall, we’ve got to pay for the wall, we’ve got to enforce our immigration laws.
Van Drew pointed out his opposition to something that will specifically affect South Jersey, which is offshore drilling.

“I’m adamantly opposed to that," said Van Drew. "I don’t deny that we may need to do research in areas, and I am very supportive of renewables but I also know that we for a while at least, are going to depend on fossil fuels as well.”

Grossman has expressed that he will be proud to be to support President Donald Trump in any way that he can, while Van Drew said that he may be a Democrat, but believes in bipartisanship and said he does not see people as left or right.

Polling places open Tuesday morning at 6 a.m. and will remain until 8 p.m.


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