Millville Local Creates Treasure Hunt for Metal-Detector Lovers

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A Millville local is taking metal detecting to a whole new level with a second annual two-day South Jersey treasure hunt starting October 12th.

“Not only are you finding artifacts and cool things, but it’s also a hobby you share with your kids, your friends," said Joe DeMarco, event coordinator and owner of DeMarco Detector Sales. 

The mission for Diggin’ South Jersey is all about building friendships and lasting relationships.

“The friendship and fellowship is probably the main goal of most of the individuals," DeMarco "We have individuals coming in from western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, down from the Northern states.”

For the second year in a row, DeMarco, along with his partners and sponsors, are putting on a treasure hunt event for anyone who enjoys metal detecting.

"There’s a subculture that I’ve learned of detectors everywhere across the U.S.," said Debbie Smikoski, the North American business development manager for Minelab. "A lot of it is just the companionship and doing something together and recovering history. It’s very cool actually.”

There are two different types of hunts. One is a seeded hunt, which is when someone physically places objects into the ground for others to find. The other is a natural hunt, which is when objects that are found may have been there for years or could possibly be artifacts from another era. 

Diggin' South Jersey is a seeded hunt, but that doesn't mean natural objects or what they call "targets" won't be found during this hunt.

“For this event, we buy coins and things throughout the year that we think people would like to find," said DeMarco. "In this event, what we have is we’ve set up three hunt fields. Coins and tokens and jewelry are buried approximately two to three inches.”

Some of the tokens can even win people prizes like free metal detectors to use on future hunts.

“It just keeps history going for our kids to show them what was found here, what actually happened on this land, before we were here, before grandparents and great-grandparents," said Smikoski. "So, it just opens up a whole new realm of understanding.”

Even though registration for the event has passed, DeMarco encourages anyone to come check all they have to offer during the big hunt.


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