Jim's Lunch to Reopen its Doors October 16th in Millville

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Roughly seven months ago, the owners of the well-known Millville restaurant, Jim's Lunch, had to abruptly close its doors due to the demolition of a potentially dangerous neighboring building.

Many people, including long-time owners of Jim's Lunch, were awaiting the fate of the popular eatery as the walls next door slowly but surely came down.

“Not knowing the potential of our building collapsing at that time, we were unsure," said Nichole Maul, co-owner of Jim's Lunch. "And, it was a very scary feeling to think that we might not have this location.”

For nearly a century, employees of Jim’s Lunch have been serving up their famous burgers on Main Street in Millville. Back in March, the owners closed the restaurant's doors not knowing if it would be for good, due to the demolition of a potentially dangerous building of which they shared a wall with.

We can’t wait to taste them hamburgers with that homemade sauce.

At the time, Michael Santiago, mayor of Millville, expressed his concern for the renowned Jim’s Lunch, but ended with some hopeful words.

“This is a premiere location in the City of Millville and as you can see from the sign, it’s been there since 1923," said Santiago. "For Rochelle and her husband, Jim, this goes back to her parents [and] grandparents. So you know there’s a lot of history within this building and that’s why I feel in my heart that we need to do as much as we can to keep that building standing."

That’s what they did. Maul said their spot on Main Street is what makes Jim’s Lunch so legendary, from the crooked pictures on the walls to the special sauce.

“It’s more than just a restaurant," said Maul. "These people have been coming in here through generation through generation, from the great-grandparents, to the grandparents to the kids [and] now their kids.”

“I’m so happy for them and [for] so many customers that just can’t wait until it opens up," said Cynthia Stade, of Millville.

“We’re waiting and hoping it opens soon. We can’t wait to taste them hamburgers with that homemade sauce," said Dennis Schroeder, of Millville.

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Luckily, the wait is just about over.

An employee of the eatery told SNJ Today that the storage unit holding all the contents of the restaurant that was taken out of Jim’s Lunch during the demolition is officially empty and everything is making its way back to the rightful places.

Maul said she’s excited to share some modern additions to the interior and exterior of the building with their Jim’s Lunch family, like new paint and new flooring.

Even with the added renovations, owners said they plan to keep everything just as it’s been for the last 96 years.

The iconic restaurant is set to open bright and early on the morning of Tuesday, October 16th.


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