Cape May County Brings Lodging and Attractions Together

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Each year millions of dollars are brought into Cape May County through tourism.

So, Wednesday, October 10th, county businesses came together to discuss plans to maximize the impact of all the vacationers who visit the area.

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“You know, the lodging industry has done the share of the investment and tourism marketing dollars especially, and manpower and then people need to see a lot to see and do in order to want to come to Cape May County on a vacation," said John Kelly, marketing and membership director at the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce. "So we just thought them two groups networking together would be a great way to add value to the visitor.”

Those two groups being lodging and attractions. Several business owners visited The Shore Club on Wednesday to network and hear presentations on best tourism practices, one of those presenters being

“We’re actually working with the Chamber to make the property managers and property owners in the area more aware of how guests are searching on and what they’re experience is like when looking for properties for vacations or how they’re exploring new places to stay at,” said Erion Dedja, an account manager at

Along with getting insight onto online booking, also highlighted the importance of listing area attractions online.

“When it comes to attractions what we want to make sure is that all of those are listed on," said Dedja. "So, we do provide options for our partners to list the attractions in the area because that’s also another major things for guests, when they’re searching they want to know what’s in the area, what they can do when they do arrive here, and how to really experience Cape May.”

The purpose of Wednesday's event was to bring the different types of businesses together to not only give them an opportunity to network but also an opportunity to create packages that will benefit the visitor.

“They work so hard in the summer ... so this time of year is just a good way to bring everyone together to build those relationships for the future,” said Kelly.


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