Local Addiction Recovery Center Introduces New Space for Holistic Healing

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Officials with a local addiction recovery center, Enlightened Solutions, introduced their newest addition, a yurt, which will be used as a space for holistic healing services.

In ancient cultures, yurts were used as dwellings by nomads in Central Asia. Looking back almost 3,000 years ago, these structures were typically made of animal skin and wool because many areas had a short supply of building materials like stone or timber.

These materials proved to be just as strong and resilient, which tied into the reason why Enlightened Solutions officials decided to add the yurt to their property.

It helped create a space to bring together their strong and resilient community.

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Jennifer Hansen, CEO of Enlightened Solutions, thought a sound healing session would be the perfect way to introduce their newest space at the addiction recovery center during the grand opening on Tuesday, October 9th.

“Sound healing works on stress and anxiety," said Michael Jay, Gong Master. "And since stress and anxiety are like the number one co-factor in pretty much every single disease, it really helps with everything.” 

“We’re all looking for ways of reducing stress and just trying to balance ourselves," said Hansen. "And I think a lot of these alternative healing techniques [can] really help.

"Something might work better for one than it does for another person, so we like to just give people the option to experience a lot of different things and see what resonates with them."

Hansen said the yurt will be able to host many different types of holistic healing services for their clients as well as other community members including yoga, reiki, and mediation.

"Sky's the limit," said Hansen.

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It only took about a week to assemble the entire yurt, but the idea was years in the making.

“My director of vibe compliance, basically my right arm, Kiersten Workman, [has] been constantly [saying], ‘We need a yurt! We need a yurt! We need a whole village of yurts!’ So, we’ve been talking about this for a few years now and finally it’s come to fruition — we’re both really excited about it," said Hansen.

“In a circular structure like this, I feel like it really signified community and what it is we kind of want to offer to the recovering community and the public to spread awareness about addiction," said Workman.

“You instantly, I think, feel calmer when you come into this space," said Hansen.

And that is their ultimate goal - to create a calm, tranquil space for all to enjoy.

For more information go to enlightenedsolutions.com.


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