Return to Fall-Like Temperatures!

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~The image above is a look at the 500mb height anomaly for this weekend. This is looking at temperature anomalies roughly 18,000ft in elevation. Notice all the blues and lower height readings (567, 564, 558 etc.) which are indicative of troughing and a cooler air-mass. This will bring much cooler, drier conditions this weekend. 

~The weather over the last couple of weeks, including much of September has been anything but fall! Sure, we've had a few brief shots of cooler, comfortable air but the overall pattern has been very warm and humid. Another thing to mention is we've seen a lot of cloudy/overcast days with high humidity and/or rain. That continues to be the case this week through Thursday with much above normal temperatures and high humidity. 

~Tuesday and Wednesday will be much of the same, similar to what we had all weekend. Mostly cloudy skies, high humidity and intermittent drizzle/mist with temperatures in the 70's. There's a chance we pop into the 80's if the sun can come out in the afternoon. A cold front will approach from the west and bring rain to the region Thursday and especially Thursday night/early Friday as hurricane Michael's remnants ride the eastern flanks of this front. It looks like the heaviest rain will miss most of the area to the south across VA, southeastern MD, and the DelMarVa. Depending on the timing of this frontal passage, we should see some partial clearing Friday afternoon with highs dropping into the 60's as well as falling humidity. 

~High pressure moving in from the west behind this front will deliver much cooler, drier air this weekend. Temperatures Friday night may dip down into the upper 40's for the first time since last spring for many in southern NJ. Temperatures this weekend likely to be in the 60's for highs with low humidity and lots of sunshine. Lows Saturday night also likely to reach the 40's with high pressure overhead. 

~With the passage of this Friday's cold front, I believe it will be the beginning to a more consistent fall-like pattern. Temperatures next week likely in the the 60s and lower 70s for highs with low humidity. Stay safe!

Alexander Bronsky, Meteorology Intern SNj Today News