Ocean City Residents Prepare for Hurricane Florence

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A Category 4 hurricane is headed for the Carolinas this week, but residents and businesses at the Jersey shore, specifically Ocean City, are preparing for the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

This is not the first time people in the area have dealt with hurricanes or flooding.

"We're still enjoying our time here. We get ponchos, umbrellas, and stuff like that," said Malissa Quinlan, a New York resident vacationing in Ocean City this week. "For the most part, we're just trying our best to stay inside when it's raining [and] stay outside when it's not."

When the bay meets the ocean, it's not a good thing.

Officials report that over the weekend, Ocean City has seen the highest water level in the area since Winter Storm Jonas in 2016.

"Last year, this same week, it was beautiful and it was so enjoyable," said Quinlan. "And this stinks because it is so rainy."

Many still remember the effects of past hurricanes that have impacted Ocean City.


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"We just hope that it stays south of us and it's gonna probably come up just like Gordon did and dump a lot more rain on us all next weekend," said Tom Spadafora, owner of Spadafora Seafood. "Same path up the coast and hopefully by the time it comes to us it's just rain and wind, and not full force." 

"Yeah, like the one we had — what was it last year? When the bay meets the ocean, it's not a good thing," said Johnson.

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There are some areas where floodwater is about ankle high. In other areas, it's up to peoples' knees, and on some streets, it makes it very difficult for cars of any size to safely get through.

"We're on the next street over which is pretty flooded," said Quinlan. "So, I back in so that we can get in through the trunk so we don't have to trudge through the water." 

"I've seen people walk through waters like that without shoes and pants rolled up to their knees and stuff," said Johnson.

For now, residents and officials alike are not only cleaning up from the recent flooding, but are also preparing for the potential impact of Hurricane Florence these next few days.


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