Mobile Exhibit Comes to Vineland to Teach History of the Bible

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The Slavic Evangelical Baptist Church on 5337 Chestnut Avenue in Vineland will be hosting the Bible Truck from September 12th to September 23rd.

According to, the exhibit showcases educational posters, maps, different Bibles, stories of persecution for the Bible, videos about the Bible and more.

Pastor Iliya Babenko at the Slavic Evangelical Baptist Church wants to remind people that the Bible is important not to just believers but for everyone.

“The main goal is to introduce people, [to] remind even [the] believers that the Bible is a very important book and we have to read it because it's a lot of information from God,” said Babenko.

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The Bible Truck travels around the country and the rest of the world to show the history of the Bible through more than 150 exhibitions to tell people how the book was written, distributed, and translated.

The truck is also split into two sections so two different groups can absorb all the history that is lining the truck.

There will be examples of ancient and modern Bibles on display. The walls are lined with the history of the holy book including photos of important events and people.

The Bible Truck will be provided in the Russian, Ukrainian, and English, languages, while Spanish can be provided if needed. The Bible Truck travels around the country to get people to not just understand the history of the Bible, but, to also pick it up and read it.

“And they like to push people to read the Bible because [the] Bible is the most important book in this life and a lot of people just don't care about this book,” said Babenko.

The Bible Truck will also display prosecution that has been committed to people who read and worship from the holy book.

“There are some Soviet Union persecution, it will show some countries which are now under prosecution and how people use the Bible to survive, what they do, how they get the kids to read the Bible,” said Babenko.

The persecution of people from the former Soviet Union hits home for Babenko and the Slavic Evangelical Baptist Church, for most of its establishing members are from the former Soviet Union, specifically from Kiev, Ukraine. But as time has moved forward more people not from the former Soviet Union have joined.

“We are refugees from [the] former Soviet Union. And there are Ukrainians [too] actually. But we have Russian, Ukrainian, and English speaking people in the church,” said Babenko.

The church now has more than 200 members and provides Bible school and Russian language school for children. The Slavic Evangelical Baptist Church was founded in 2012 after years of worshiping in other spots in southern New Jersey.

Traditional Ukrainian food will be given out for free to people visiting the Bible Truck. There will also be spots for children to play while they wait to go on the tour.

The Bible Truck is free and will be open after 5 p.m. from September 12th to September 23rd. For more information on the Bible Truck visit or to learn more about Slavic Evangelical Baptist Church visit


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