Galloway Man Says He Has the Solution to NJ's Greenhead Problem

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Getting bit by a Tabanus nigrovittatus, also known as a Greenhead Fly, can ruin someone's fun in the sun and can also be quite painful, but one local Galloway man is saying he has the solution.

It's called the Greenhead Greenaid. 

“The Greenhead Grenade naturally, with nontoxic chemicals, chases Greenheads away through the refraction of light,” said creator, Scott Macom. 

Macom said the Greenhead Greenaid will help ward off Greenheads within three feet.

Greenheads' eyes are made of about a million buds and I had to find the right veiling to which their eyes would react. It’s a very close nanometer," said Macom. "Once I did find that out, I then went and researched the metal properties that would refract that type of light. Then I had to add chemical[s] to the water to enhance the refraction."

The secret is the copper on the outside of the tube paired with a chemical mixture on the inside. After almost two and a half years of trial and error, Macom said he was finally able to perfect it.

The base is a plastic tube wrapped in copper tape, inside is gold dust paired with water and two chemicals, which Macom did not mention.

Macom's sons, Kane and Koal, never go to the pool without at least one Greenhead Greenaid.

“We just go into the pool bag and get one of these, and put it down and they don’t come near us," said Koal.

Macom said so far his invention has been receiving great feedback from the community. One of his buyers even called to tell him it also works on strawberry flies.

You can order the Greenhead Grenade directly at his email address, 

You can also go to Macom's Instagram page, @greenheadgreenaid or visit Honey and Sweets Farm Stand or Chestnut Neck Boat Yard in Port Republic.


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