Interactive Video Game Helps Deptford Rehab Patients Have Fun While Recovering

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Video games have become more and more interactive over the years, so much so that they’re now helping patients at the Deptford Center gain their strength back.

“Jintronix is new technology to the rehab department and it really has added to our toolbox of things we can offer our residents to enhance the rehab services here,” said Gail Tumolo, rehabilitation director at Deptford Center.

“It picks up the movement of the person so that it becomes almost an augmented reality, so they’re involved in the system themselves," said Robert Williams, physical therapist at Deptford Center. "The movement of the avatar on the screen is exactly the same as the movements they’re doing.” 

“A lot of times, they don’t even realize that they’re working hard on reaching their goals because they are having fun seeing the screen,” said May Dizon, physical therapist at Deptford Center.

It’s kind of like a game ... you’re working out and getting better, too.

The game has several options and personalizes each session for the patient’s specific needs, from cognitive learning to physical skills.

“From a therapist’s point of view some of our balance tests and gate tests, that are integrated in there as well, ... makes assessment that much easier ...,” said Williams.

They’ve been using Jintronix at the rehab facility in Deptford for a few months and physical therapists say that it’s already making a big difference.

“It also is a lot less boring then doing the standard three sets of 10 of this and that,” said Williams.

“Yeah, I like this a lot better [and] it’s fun too," said Robert Kiefrieder, a patient at Deptford Center. "It’s kind of like a game ... you’re working out and getting better, too.” 

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Evelyn Wolfe suffered a stroke a few months back and has been using Jintronix. Her favorite, the soccer option, has helped her improve her strength.

“It has made [a] world of difference. I’m now able to coordinate my brain function with my arms and legs,” said Wolfe.

“You can go from skiing to soccer to a ball game or something like that," said Williams. "It just makes it more interesting and more fun, but it is still based on getting stronger, improving your balance, and getting out of here.” 

The new technology is helping to improve the process of getting patients to reach a full recovery while having fun along the way.


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