Local Comedians Find the Funny at Atlantic City Comedy Club

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At a time when many businesses and people were leaving Atlantic City, a few special comedians decided it was where they wanted to invest their time and energy. Over the last year, those comedians came together to form acjokes.com.

AC Jokes is one of the only Comedy Clubs in the city that’s run by the comedians themselves - from selling tickets, promoting shows, to cleaning up afterward.

The comedians who are a part of AC Jokes have been performing individually for years, but decided that together they wanted to take Atlantic City’s comedy world by storm – even when it seemed like a risk.

“We just ran right into that fire and believe in Atlantic City," said Matt Bridgestone, co-owner and comedian, AC Jokes. "It’s important to us because we know a lot of great people around here. There’s a resurgence going on in Atlantic City right now and we feel like we’ve earned our AC Jokes place as a part of that.”

If you're not supporting your local community, you're taking from it.

As the city began to rise, they moved right along with it, producing at least 10 shows every week.

"Our shows are incredible," said Ray Vazquez, co-owner and comedian, AC Jokes. "We are all here working very hard for this."

On Thursday, August 2nd, they brought in comedians including 15-year comedy veteran Dena Blizzard, her son Dean, and Dave Evans.

Zach Pickert, Mike Merk, Bridgestone, and Vazquez also performed as AC Jokes team members.

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They had the audience just about laughing out of their chairs, and it was all for a good cause. The money from Thursday night’s show benefited the Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

Evans has battled Crohn's since he was 16, and brought the idea for a fundraiser to the AC Jokes crew.

“Everybody needs to laugh, especially if you have Crohn's or if you’re a support person for someone with Crohn’s," said Evans. "Sometimes it’s just not funny, and you have to find the funny and that’s what we try to do."

“I feel like all of the fundraisers that we’re able to do, they’re just a great opportunity to talk to people who may be ... going through something right now and it’s not a great time in their life," said Blizzard. "And to be able to take an hour and a half out of your life to just sit back and just laugh your face off and forget all of it.”

"If you're not supporting your local community, you're taking from it - so, it's important," said Vazquez. "You always want to create opportunities and try and help those around you. It's the best way to stimulate an economy.

"If you want to strive as a business owner, then you have to look out for the people around you."

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Members with the AC Jokes Comedy Club at The Pier in Atlantic City create a relaxed, living-room vibe with numerous couches and chairs. The comedians interact with their audience as part of the show.

“You can see a lot of other comedy shows around Atlantic City, but it’s kind of like you’re watching TV on those shows," said Bridgestone. "With us, you get to know us. We take pictures [and] we talk to the people. You can just touch it and feel it more than those other shows. The community has helped us get here so we feel like we should be giving back.”

Tickets range from just $15 to $25. Due to some mature content, younger viewers may need to be accompanied by an adult. For more information visit acjokes.com.


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