Some Beachgoers Navigating Easily Through Sand with Help of Gliding Electric Wheelchair

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Walking on soft beach sand can be difficult regardless of somebody's mobility, but for those who require extra help — like people who use wheelchairs — it almost seems impossible.

Not anymore.

Stone Harbor Crib and Beach Rental staff offer all of your beach needs from bike rentals to beach wagons, and, new to this season, the Sand Helper electric beach chair.

“If you can’t walk steady, either through being a little bit on in years, or even younger in years, this has four wheels on it, four wide tires, and you just glide," said Dave Cohn, co-owner of Stone Harbor Crib and Beach Rental.

"You’re literally gliding [and you] see [it] in the video. ... It’s just a steady ride to get to the beach and then back to your home."

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The chair is delivered right to your doorstep and picked up when your weekly rental is up.

Depending on your location, you can also request single-day rentals.

“The biggest thing it offers is the independence of not having a partner or a spouse or a child that has to push you," said Cohn.

“And it just gives them the freedom to be able to go back and fourth and spend their vacation with their family instead of staying at their home while their other family members are at the beach," said Sandy Cohn, co-owner of Stone Harbor Crib and Beach Rental.

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The electric beach chair can hold up to 450 pounds and if desired is even capable of pulling your beach needs along with you. On a single charge, they can drive up to 10 miles.

The concept started in Ocean City, Maryland, and then made its way up and down the East Coast just a few short months ago.

If you’re looking to try out one of the electric beach wheelchairs, Stone Harbor Crib and Beach Rental is open on 98th Street, seven days a week.


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