Lightning Causes Cape May Beaches to Close, Visitors Discover More of What the City Offers

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With storms rolling in, Cape May lifeguards decided to take precaution and close the beaches Friday morning and afternoon, due to lightning.

Despite the terrible weather forecast, tons of people were out and about enjoying the beautiful breeze in Cape May on July 6th.

“It’s a good day to relax," said Shawn Wall, visiting from Wilkes-Barre, Pa. "The sun's not beaming on you today, so it’s nice and calm." 

“There’s still plenty to do; it’s just our original plan definitely fell through," said Shannon Peters, of Florham Park.

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Shannon and her sister Erica weren't the only ones that needed to adapt to the weather.

“We’re only here for one day, so it’s the one day we have to go to the beach," said Samantha Puckett, visiting from Nashville, Tenn. "We’re leaving in the morning to go to Philly and this is kind of our only chance probably for the year. We don’t really go to the beach much.”

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But rainy days give everyone the opportunity to enjoy some of the many indoor activities Cape May offers.

“[I'm] trying to make the best of this bummed out rainy day here," said Patrick Capezza, of South Philadelphia. "[I] had a Hot Dog Tommy, [I'm] going to get my Seaview wings in, [and] maybe a pizza at the Boiler Room.”

Many people made their way around to the stores, but others decided to make the rainy day into a relaxing day.

“Having a rainy day isn’t that bad. It’s sometimes really nice to just relax," said Maddie Brook, of Cherry Hill. "Being at the beach is tiring sometimes. It’s just good to lay low.”

With bumper-to-bumper traffic heading to Cape May during the afternoon and cars parked in just about every spot lining the promenade, people took advantage of their day inside, but were excited for what gorgeous weather the weekend will bring.



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