Officials in Wildwood Are Coming Together to Maintain their Beaches

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Year after year, beachgoers come back to Wildwood to enjoy their free beaches and to celebrate the holidays. 

“When you go somewhere, you’re looking at the quality of the beaches, the way they’re maintained, how clean they are. That brings people back," said Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr.

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With that, officials ask one important thing: to pick up after themselves.

“If you would just pick up after yourself, that would reduce the cost of our expenses by hundreds of thousands of dollars," said Troiano. "But we don’t always have that. So, we have to, in spite of some people, we have to make sure they’re clean for everybody that comes here.”

And it begins at 4 a.m. everyday.

“I have an eight to 10 man crew that comes down with the equipment and sanitizers," said Director of Public Works Christopher Damico. "We rake the entire beach, they check under the Boardwalk.”

“We have a large crew that comes in," said Troiano, "maintains it, cleans it, and they’re off before anyone even knows that they’ve been there."

Damico said that on any given weekend, his team can hand pick around 30 yards of trash, a number that doesn't even account for how much their machines pick up. This number can triple on a holiday weekend. 

To combat this, Public Works and the Beach Patrol work together to monitor beachgoers. There are roughly 350 trash cans on the beach and lining walkways at any given time. There are even more during special events.

“The Wildwood Beach Patrol is very active in watching large crowds or groups and how they handle their trash that they bring to the beach," said Captain Ed Schneider of the Wildwood Beach Patrol. "And if those people, if they’re making a mess and they’re leaving litter on the beach, it’s addressed by the Wildwood Beach Patrol, by the police department, by the public works.”

Those who do not comply could be issued a warning and then a citation by the police department.

“Our beaches are free and we’d like to keep it that way," said Troiano. "If people would just take the time to clean up after them at times, would help us to maintain those free beaches."

Officials also ask to avoid bringing anything glass onto the beach for safety. 


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