Stockbridge Assumes Role as Atlantic City Electric Region President

Last Edited: Jul 08, 2018 3:38 PM

Atlantic City Electric has named a new region president, Gary Stockbridge, who is being welcomed back to New Jersey with open arms.

Stockbridge is no stranger to South Jersey as he used to work in customer care for Delmarva Power in Delaware. Stockbridge now works simultaneously as region president of Delmarva Power as well as region president of Atlantic City Electric.

Atlantic City Electric is one of the largest employers in the region, driving economic development. The company has over 1,000 employees who all give back to the community day in and day out.

“Our employees are involved in over 14,000 hours of volunteerism in the community. It helps us be a part of the community we serve,” said Stockbridge. “We tend to gravitate towards the interests that they have in the community, whether it be nonprofits, volunteerism, events, and other things of that nature.”

The company also focuses on diverse suppliers. More than $50 million a year goes to smaller “mom and pop” type businesses in the community, trying to bring the business to the area the company serves.

“We are a part of the community and to be a part of the community, you have to be engaged from top to bottom,” said Stockbridge.

According to Stockbridge, Atlantic City Electric’s performance is something he is most proud of. The company has had a 40-percent improvement rate in lowering the number of power outages per year and a 20-percent reduction in the amount of time it takes to fix the power.

Atlantic City Electric serves more than 550,000 customers daily. They are connected to their customers by what is called a “grid,” which instead of poles and wires, is now changing rapidly as technology grows and expands.

“My hope is that in the years to come we can transition Jersey to a very smart grid, [with] smart meters [in] the future, and we will have a lot more intelligence about how the grid operates to help improve service to our customers,” said Stockbridge.

Every day, employees of Atlantic City Electric are out working to improve the infrastructure to upgrade the system. They make sure the company has the most current equipment so the system can hold up in bad weather, and also summer heat waves.

“We’ve really been putting an effort into making sure the system is ready for that next hurricane or that next series of hot days,” said Stockbridge. “Our folks spend a good deal of their time understanding what’s driving outages and correcting that and focusing attention on our worst performing circuits to make sure they’re brought up to where they need to be.”

Here in South Jersey, we have seen storms knock out power time and time again. But, Atlantic City Electric is focusing on being reliable and resilient, ensuring power will come back fast after major disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.

“We have a Power Ahead program, which is about an $80 million program where we invest in equipment that is smarter and more capable of instantaneously getting customers back with power,” said Stockbridge.

“It’s those investments that make a more resilient system,” said Stockbridge. “So when we get hit by those storms, were able to get that system back up and running quickly because we’ve invested the time in those, the technology, the infrastructure, and it’s able to bounce back.”

According to Stockbridge, Exelon, the parent company of Atlantic City Electric, is very focused on the future in the world of energy. And with the new clean energy bill by Governor Murphy, Exelon and New Jersey legislation can come together to improve the future.

“I’m very hopeful that Atlantic City Electric, as part of Exelon, becomes one of the leading utilities in the state to drive this legislation forward,” said Stockbridge.

Technology has the power to improve people’s lives, but it fails when people do not understand it, said Stockbridge. Atlantic City Electric believes they have a role to help customers understand what the new technology is, how it benefits them, and why it should interest them.

“We talk about electric vehicles, solar micro-grids, etc., and see it as the future, but it’s difficult to really make it work,” said Stockbridge. “You really have to have a good connection into the community. You have to have that depth within your company to have the technical background to know how to deploy it, and that’s what Exelon brings to the table for us.”

As for Stockbridge, he is excited to return back to New Jersey and feels in some way, he has never left.

“It’s kind of neat,” said Stockbridge. “A lot of the same people at work with me before are still here now.”

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