Increasingly Warmer into Early Next Week!

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~High pressure will move in and establish a warmer, drier pattern today through the weekend with increasingly warmer temperatures and rising dew points. Sunshine will dominate all weekend, something we haven't seen in weeks! 

~Perhaps the nicest day in terms of temperatures and lower humidity will be today as the center of the high pressure axis remains well to our northwest. With clear skies, calm winds and low dew points, the Pine Barrens and inland areas were able to get down into the mid and upper 50s in spots this morning. The refreshingly cool start will evolve into a seasonably warm and sunny afternoon with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s for both the shore and mainland. Low dew points and a 10-15mph NNW wind will make for a comfortable feel. 
~Saturday our high pressure system will be further south and east centered over the Mid-Atlantic. Overall Saturday's weather will be very similar to Friday's weather, only a few ticks warmer. Sunshine dominates. Another great day for the beach!
~How's father's day shaping up for every dad out there? Excellent! Well, not as nice as today or Saturday, but at least we have no rain in the forecast! Our high pressure system will continue to dominate only this time it will have slipped further southeastward off the Mid-Atlantic coast. This will allow for a southwesterly return flow resulting in climbing dew points and rising temperatures. High temperatures for the mainland will be in the mid to upper 80s, perhaps a few locations hitting the low 90s. Mid 80s for the shore. Rising dew points will make the air feel noticeably more humid than previous days. 
~With continued southwesterly flow as our high pressure remains established well off the Mid-Atlantic coast, Monday will likely be the hottest day of the year. Temperatures will rise into the low to mid 90s with oppressive humidity. This will make for heat index values (feels like) well over 100 degrees. Sunshine will again dominate.
~Our next cold front will approach the region Tuesday into the middle of next week. This will bring thunderstorm chances back into the forecast and cooler temperatures.