South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter Needs Help Caring for Kittens

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The South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter has an incredible amount of furry felines and officials there need help giving them the care they so desperately need.

“It’s like unbelievable this year," said Bev Greco, executive director at the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter. "We’re already into well over 400 kittens just in the past six weeks — all ages from newborns to right around six to eight weeks.” 

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And with such an overabundance of kittens they need help caring for them.

“One of the main things is we have a lot of opportunity now to be able to transfer the kittens out to rescues and our partner shelters for adoption," said Greco. "So what we need is foster homes. They have to be eight weeks before they can be transferred out, for the most part.” 

Officials with the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter are holding an information session at the local PETCO in Vineland on Saturday, June 30th, for families to learn more about what fostering a kitten entails.

“It [makes] all [the difference in the world] for the animals. It helps them with their immune systems," said Greco. "We don’t have the space or the staff that would be able to care for them and it’s only a matter of time ... then they can go and be adopted out. But without foster homes there’s no way we could handle the volume." 

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Along with fostering, they’re asking people to donate supplies to help the shelter care for the hundreds of kittens at their facility.

“We need the basics," said Greco. "We need kitten food. We need the snuggle safes that [are] like warmers that you put in with the kittens when they don’t have a mother. We need kitten milk replace.”

Donations can be dropped off or bought directly off of their wish list on Amazon.

“Every little thing that is donated is used to bring these animals to the point where they can be adopted out to their forever homes,” said Greco.

Whether you can donate items or foster one of these little guys, every little bit can help save hundreds of kittens in South Jersey.

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