Pineland Learning Center Students and Staff Build Bridge to Future

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This week is all about celebrating some very special students.

This week is National Special Education Week and to celebrate, students and staff at Pineland Learning Center participated in a group activity that connected all the important aspects of special education together.

This year's theme is Working Together to Build a Special Future for All, which officials say celebrates the collaborative spirit and educational strategies that make meaningful and productive futures possible for so many special-education students in New Jersey.

"It's important for them to understand that even though they need a special type of education that they're just as important as anybody else in the state of New Jersey or anywhere else," said Lisa Lamb, school director at Pineland Learning Center.

"They need to be motivated to succeed no matter what they need and we need to be able to offer everything they need in order for them to achieve just as high of a level as any other student in the state of New Jersey."

For the event that took place on Wednesday, May 16th, students and staff wrote aspects of special education that mean the most to them on large blocks, that were then used to build "a bridge to their futures."

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