Campbell Soup Company Employees Volunteer During 'Giving that Matters Week'

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Despite the wet weather, Campbell Soup Company employees rolled up their sleeves and got muddy for a community garden clean up as part of their "Giving that Matters Week."

Representatives with Campbell's Soup offices nationwide are giving back to their communities during the week of May 14th for their 10th annual week of service.

Approximately 80 events have been scheduled, and roughly 50 of them are right here in South Jersey.

"We come to work every day, and we are in this environment every day," said Maria Gamble, senior program manager research and development with Campbell Soup Company, "and sometimes you just need to take a pause and realize there’s so much work beyond your day to day job, that you can do to give back." 

On Wednesday, May 16th, about 30 volunteers from Campbell's research and development team partnered up with representatives from the Center for Family Services in Camden to clean up and plant 26 raised beds for fruits, vegetables, and herbs at the Cooper Sprouts Garden.

“Being able to dedicate the time to come out here, give the work that’s needed and work together as a team is really awesome," said Gamble. "And I’m thankful that we throughout the year — not just this week — but throughout the year have the opportunity to do that.”

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The garden is open to all neighborhood residents and taken care of by community members along with Cooper Medical School students.

Residents will pick, harvest, and go door to door to deliver fresh produce from the garden to their neighbors' tables.

“‘Real food that matters for life's moments is our corporate purpose. Everything that we do derives from that," said Amanda Bauman, senior manager of community affairs, with the soup company. 

"We believe that real food should be accessible to all and in a community like Camden where real food and fresh produce is not readily available, we make sure that we work with a variety of non-profit partners to bring fresh produce to local residents.”

“It can be really hard and challenging to get access to some of these fruits and vegetables, much less have it be fresh from the garden," said Gamble. "So given the opportunity to grow it here ... right in the neighborhood, [residents] come and pick it and experience that [the] whole process is really awesome.”

“I’m so proud of our Campbell employees for really putting the needs of our community first beyond just getting a little wet," said Bauman. "And [getting] a little dirty and understanding the importance of bringing hundreds of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables to neighborhood residents who need it, right in the town where they live and work [is important]," said Bauman.

Campbell's is estimating about 8,000 hours of service alongside more than 45 volunteer organizations all dedicated to helping build healthy communities.

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