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Atlantic Cape Community College is challenging people in the area who want to try culinary school to enter iyts Cook Your Way to $18k contest.

“All someone has to do is log onto Facebook and go to Atlantic Cape and you can enter the contest by showing the recipe and the dish,” said Laura Batchelor, executive director of marketing and college relations at Atlantic Cape Community College.

The school turned to social media because they figured it was a way to reach more students interested in the field.

“Most people don’t even know that there’s a community college that has a culinary academy, much less one that’s number one in the state of New Jersey. So, we wanted to open this up to more people, more students,” said Batchelor.

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People can use Facebook to vote on their favorites in the first round.

“We’ll take the top 10 in each category," said Chef Kelly McClay, Dean of the Academy of Culinary Arts at Atlantic Cape Community College." We’ll have them evaluated by the faculty here at the Academy of Culinary Arts and the top five will be invited to a competition at our beautiful Atlantic City campus. We have two state-of-the-art kitchens over there and we’ll have our five finalists from each category will compete live,” 

The two winners will each receive a $18,000 scholarship, which is enough to cover their tuition for their entire first year of culinary school.

“It can mean the difference of going to culinary school or not, depending on who the student is," said McClay. "So we’re really, really excited to have an opportunity like this to offer and we’re excited to see what all the creative recipes are going to be and all the photos."

And they’re not going to be easy judges.

“I think it has most to do with good skills, not necessarily high-end skills but good strong knife cuts, good color contrast on the plate, good height so that it’s not just the fresh ingredients you’re using but it’s the way you’re handling them and then it’s the final presentation,” said McClay.

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