Mayoral Musings: Take the Pledge...

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Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly

...toward good health and reversing county numbers by participating on May 23.

For some years now, I’ve been frustrated by our health numbers as measured by those who focus on such things. Whether from the NJ Department of Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation or any number of agencies or organizations, our numbers in Cumberland County always seem to come in last in the health indicators.

Whether it is weight and obesity, smoking, exercise, heart health, substance issues, or other conditions, syndromes, or complexes—we seem to be at the top in all the wrong categories and near the bottom in all the right categories. That said, on May 23 (next Wednesday), Cumberland County can get started on reversing our numbers.

Mayoral Musings: Climate and Local Impacts 

On May 23, residents throughout Cumberland County will come together to achieve a Guinness World Record involving health awareness. The day will be broken up into multiple groups and multiple venues.  

There will be a record attempt for the greatest number of people attending an adolescent’s health awareness lesson at multiple venues. This record is measured by the number of people being taught the adolescent health awareness lesson at multiple venues. In addition, there will be a record attempt for the greatest number of people attending a senior citizen health awareness lesson at multiple sites. Finally, there will be record attempts for the greatest number of people attending both male and female health awareness lessons at multiple venues as well.

For adult males, the venues will be as follows: Cumberland County College’s Guaracini Center, the Sacred Heart Gym in Vineland, Merighi’s Savoy Room, My Dentist in Millville, the Thunderbolt Club, Leesburg Fire Hall, ALMS Center in Bridgeton, and the Gateway campus in Bridgeton. Lessons will begin at 6 p.m.

Adult female health awareness lessons will be held at Cumberland County College Luciano Center, My Dentist,  Merighi’s Savoy Inn, Sacred Heart (basement), Thunderbolt Club in Millville, Ashley McCormick Center in Bridgeton, Ramoth Church, Leechester Hall in Maurice River Township, ALMS Center and Gateway campus in Bridgeton. These will begin at 6 p.m.

For seniors, the lessons will be at the Luciano Center on the CCC campus, Landis Theater, Levoy Theater, My Dentist, Greenview Inn, St Isidore, Thunderbolt Club, Ashley McCormick Center, Deerfield Townships Schools, Cumberland- Cape YMCA, Ramoth Church, Maurice River Township Senior Center, Vineland City Hall, Gateway campus in Bridgeton, and the Vineland Public Library. The senior lesson will begin at 2 p.m.

For adolescents (ages 10 to 19 years), the lesson will be at Edgerton Christian Academy, Solve D’ippolito Elementary School, Myron Powell School, Maurice River Township Elementary School, Stow Creek School, Max Leuchter School, Johnstone School, St. Mary School, Deerfield Township School Marie Durand School, Thomas Wallace Middle School, Silver Run School, Holly Heights School, Gloria Sabater School, Quarter Mile Lane School, Indian Ave School, Bridgeton High School, West Ave School, Cherry Street School, Buckshutem School, Excel Middle School, Millville High, Veterans Memorial Middle School, and the Luciano Center. This multi-site lesson will begin at 11 a.m.

To participate, go to and register. You can select your age group and there will be a list of the venues above with new ones added daily. It is important to complete the information in its entirety for participation in the Guinness World Record attempt.

From there, provide your age (as of May 23), what town you live in, full name (no nicknames), e-mail, RSVP that you are “GOING” and click on the “CONFIRM RSVP” button.

You will receive an e-mail with the ticket for the event. Please print the e-mail and take it with you to the event. Make sure the QR Code (square black and white box) is visible at the bottom left of the page. This code is to check you in at the venue. Registration ends on Monday, May 21, at 5 p.m.

This is a starting place for us as a county in terms of improving our health numbers and it starts with having information because knowledge is power. The lessons will provide valuable information on health that is specific to each group. Please consider joining your fellow citizens on Wednesday, May 23, not only to break a world record, but to start us on the road to health.

Mayoral Musings: SNAP and Work

Mayoral Musings: Undervalued Workforce 

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