Volunteers Prepare for 5th Annual Family Day of Service

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Families from throughout South Jersey will come together next weekend to make a difference alongside their children.

On Monday, May 14th, volunteers were packing hundreds of bags as they prepare goodies for the thousands of additional volunteers that are expected for the Family Strengthening Network’s 5th annual Family Day of Service.

“A lot of families have come to us and said they wanted opportunities to both spend time with their family and for parents to model good behaviors for their children,” said Rich Nichols, executive director of United Advocacy Group.

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And the group thought the perfect way to do those two things was through volunteering.

“We felt like volunteering was a great way to give back to the community ... so we wanted to start this movement to provide community service in South Jersey,” said Nichols.

The projects cover a wide variety of tasks that get everyone in the family involved.

“Working in environmental things, working to fight against poverty, education [and] working to collect donations for food shelters,” said Nichols, regarding the different duties volunteers can assist with. 

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Those 55 projects span several counties across South Jersey including Salem, Cumberland, Atlantic, Gloucester and Camden.

“Some of them are given by the local nonprofits in the area. They have a need, something they want to accomplish," said Nichols. "Others are really just projects by the families themselves, something they are passionate about [or] a need they’ve seen in their community that they want to rally people behind.” 

They expect to have 2,500 people of all ages come out over the weekend. There’s still plenty of time to join them and sign up to volunteer at familydayofservice.org.

“I think for me it shows that people really care about their community," said Nichols.

"They want to make a difference, they want to make the place that they live better, and they want to give back to people that ... are in need.” 

Making a difference as a family right in your own backyard.

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