Bridgeport Speedway Hosts Annual Mudder's Day Event

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While most of the country was getting ready to celebrate Mother's Day, Bridgeport Speedway was hosting Mudder's Day.

Hundreds of Jeeps, of all kinds, came out on Saturday, May 12th, to get down and dirty in the mud for Spirit Auto Center, WMMR, and Jaxon's Jeep Club's annual mudding event.

"We wanted to support local activities, and we live near Spirit and we bought our Jeep from Spirit so coming out and enjoying the Jeeps and crowd and the event [was great]," said Matt Cahill of Swedesboro.

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But why would someone deliberately take their vehicle out on a muddy course that seems to be hungry for metal?

"You learn something about yourself, about how to properly drive the vehicles," said Cahill. "So many people are buying them and they don’t really get an opportunity to go out, and here you can link up with other clubs, find other like-minded individuals and go do it safely."

Many people attending the event have never been mudding in their 4x4 vehicles before, so this event helps show people what it's like under supervision and in a safe area.

The day is dedicated to the Jeep community coming out to show off their souped-up, jacked up, and monstrous Jeeps.

"It’s great, there’s nothing like it," said Eric Taylor of Franklinville. "For the most part, everyone’s friendly, they all want to come out and they all want to get their Jeeps dirty. Well, most of them want to get their Jeeps dirty, there’s a few of them that won't."

Bridgeport staff said that this was one of the biggest years so far.

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