Emergency Crews Practice Rope Rescues on Wildwood Boardwalk

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Summer is right around the corner and Jersey shore amusement park officials are preparing for a big season ahead.

But with exciting rides come the possibility of accidents.

On the morning of Wednesday, May 9th, crews were out training and preparing for the worst.

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Walking along Morey’s Piers on Wednesday you may have noticed an object dangling from the Sea Serpent roller coaster on Mariner’s Pier.

“It’s a rope rescue for target hazards and it’s for the Regional Urban Search Team [RUST], which is a county team comprised of several departments in the county,” said Daniel Speigel, fire chief at Wildwood Fire Department.

RUST trains for emergency situations throughout the year, but Wednesday marks the very first time they’re actually putting that training to use on a real ride.

“Through our community risk assessments, we determined that one of our hazards is having either the workers on the pier or riders of the amusement rides becoming trapped,” said Speigel.

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So, the team wanted to make sure they were ready and prepared for all emergencies. Today’s drill simulated a situation where a victim had fallen from the roller coaster.

“With the cooperation of the Morey organization we are now in an environment where we can put the training to the test, put the rescuers at higher elevations and it’s actually going to be real life scenarios we’re going to be dealing with today,” said Speigel.

“Our first priority is always the safety of our guests and, of course, our employees," said Maggie Warner, spokesperson for Morey’s Piers.

"So, by being proactive and participating in ongoing training and forming these relationships with the first responders in our community ... if an incident were to occur here at our facility ... we know that we have the measures to safely and properly rescue someone if the need were to arise," said Warner. 

The crews will be back perfecting these skills for a second day of training on Thursday.

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