South Jersey Family's Breast Cancer Journey Leads to Philadelphia Each Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is just five days away and a local family plans on celebrating with hundreds of their closest friends in Philadelphia.

They’ll join other breast cancer survivors and their friends and family at the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Nine years ago the Baker family's lives changed forever.

Nine years later here I am. But you learn a lot with a journey like that.

“At the mammogram, a lump was found," said Karen Baker, a breast cancer survivor. "So I went through with the testing and sure enough I found out it was breast cancer.”

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But Karen Baker and her family worked to stay positive through the whole experience.

“Unfortunately, I had to go through this but everything would work out, which in fact it did," said Karen Baker. "Nine years later here I am. But you learn a lot with a journey like that,” said Karen Baker.

Her journey led her to new experiences.

“Every year we like to participate in the race and raise the funds that are needed to get an answer or a cure to all this breast cancer that’s around,” said Karen Baker.

She’s referring to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Philadelphia.

For the past 28 years, breast cancer survivors and supporters have come together on Mother’s Day to celebrate and raise funds to help others fight the disease.

“It was awesome seeing everyone," said Casey Baker, Karen Baker’s daughter. "When she was diagnosed that was the first year I had ever done it. I had never done it for anyone else, the walk. So being there for my mom, it meant more to me than if I were to go just to go.”

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“It certainly means a lot to me and I know anyone else that has been touched by this disease and has that kind of support is overwhelmed and very grateful,” said Karen Baker.

Karen’s journey inspired her daughter Casey to intern with the organization.

“Obviously, I know that fundraising is a big part of the research in trying to find a cure," said Casey Baker. "But, yeah, I guess being behind the scenes at my internships to see the kind of fundraising that goes on, I mean it’s amazing."

Both Casey and her mother are looking forward to seeing what the money raised can do.

“We’re hoping that we’re a part of the answer ... with the funds that we can funnel to the organization, which is in the process of trying to find a cure,” said Karen Baker.

“I hope that one day we’ll see the difference,” said Casey Baker.

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