Teligent Expanding the Horizon in South Jersey

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In Buena Vista Township, a high-tech pharmaceutical company annexes 75,000 square feet for manufacturing and quality control, adds high-paying jobs, too.

BUENA VISTA TWP., NJ — Walking the halls of Teligent, Inc. seems like you’re in a top secret research lab—think James Bond movie or Star Trek—complete with motorized sliding doors that close behind you.

For nearly a quarter of a century, many people have driven by the building, situated at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Wheat Road, in Buena Vista Township, and have openly wondered what exactly is going on inside. With a little bit of research, SNJ Today discovered that this building houses an international pharmaceutical company.

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Teligent Inc., formerly known as IGI Pharmaceuticals, was founded in 1977 and moved to its current location in Buena Vista Township in 1994.

This company is in the business of creating, testing and selling specialty generic pharmaceuticals, including “topical prescription medicines” that are used in hospitals and can also be purchased over the counter at your neighborhood drug store.

Teligent has approximately 25 medicines manufactured and sold on the market that are Food and Drug Administration-approved. The Buena facility has recently undergone massive expansion, adding 75,000 square feet of additional building space at a cost of roughly $50 million.

Representatives with Teligent have set their eyes on making their mark in the burgeoning and lucrative sterile injectable pharmaceutical market.

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SNJ Today spoke with Peter Gallagher, the company’s vice president of Strategic Affairs, asking about his position in the business, what specific products are made at the facility, what goals they hope to achieve over the long haul, and more.

“I’ve been with Teligent for four years and my primary role is to support the long-term thinking and strategy of what we’re building here,” said Gallagher. “I spend some of my time looking at the overall strategy of the company and [try to figure out] how do we grow. I’m especially focused on the construction of our facility expansion, which will allow us to get into more of these important medicines that are in need around the country.”

Ever since IGI Pharmaceuticals became Teligent, Inc. in 2015, the company has been steadily growing.

“When I joined in 2014 at this site, we were about 70 or 75 people,” said Gallagher. “On our site here [now], we’re somewhere around 150 or 160 people. So in just a [few] years, we’ve about doubled our headcount here in Buena Vista.”

Gallagher isn’t the only one who is pleased with the positive growth of the company in the South Jersey area.

“This part of New Jersey is not known for pharmaceuticals like it is in North Jersey,” said Chuck Chiarello, mayor of Buena Vista Township.

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Traditionally, pharmaceutical businesses have chosen to set up shop in the northern part of the Garden State, including companies like Merck & Co. and Johnson and Johnson, headquartered in Kenilworth and New Brunswick, respectively.

“This is an unusual experience for a company that’s making generic pharmaceuticals [to be in South Jersey] and they’ve been able to find a niche in the market,” added Chiarello. “They’ve taken the ... building, expanded it and added more than 100 jobs. We’re thrilled that they chose to [be] here.”

Although Teligent has other facilities in Canada and Europe, the Atlantic County site is its home office location.

“Where we are today, in Buena Vista, ends up being the center of our global company,” revealed Gallagher. “We have administrative offices here … we have our R&D (Research and Development) lab, we have our quality control lab and now we have a much larger manufacturing [capability].”

As Gallagher and the company’s representatives attempt to “broaden [their] strategy into injectable medicines,” having a larger manufacturing capability is integral to their short-term and long-term success.

“We wanted the ability to manufacture sterile injectables in vials, we wanted to do that under our own roof,” said Gallagher. “Some companies choose to use partner organizations to do that,” said Gallagher, “but for us, it’s real important due to the nature of the medicines that are going to be injected into people ... to own that manufacturing skill and the quality systems that go with it.”

Everything that happens under that roof will provide a boost to Buena Vista Township’s economy, according to Mayor Chiarello: “[Teligent] will be a great asset to our community. I can’t overestimate the impact of this type of program to us. We’re in the Pinelands…for us to find something positive to add to our tax base, jobs and being a good neighbor is a tremendous opportunity for us.”

In turn, Gallagher is grateful for how amazingly accommodating the people of the Atlantic County town have been in helping the company grow and succeed.

“We were a small company with great ambitions and vision…,” said Gallagher. “We really want to thank the local community and the county for really being champions and supporters of what we’re doing here. We’re really excited to see what comes down the road.”

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