A Summer-Like Spring Day in South Jersey

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The calendar may still say spring but it felts and even looked more like a summer day in Ocean City on Friday and people are out enjoying the beach weather while it lasts.

“It’s really nice because ... I thought it was going to be colder for way longer than it was, so it’s nice to feel like it’s 80-something degrees outside,” said Jenna Sponheimer, of Clifton Heights, Pa.

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Many stopped by Ocean City to ride bikes and even splash in the chilly ocean water.

“It’s fun. I like it. The water is really cold though,” said Maggie Scott, of Philadelphia.

People were especially excited to finally feel nice weather after the very long winter season Mother Nature treated South Jersey.

“It snowed for so long, so this is fantastic," said Jessica Scott, of Philadelphia. "I feel like our moods are better."

“It’s awesome," said Courtney Briggs of Ocean City. "I love this warm weather. It’s so nice. I couldn’t stand the snow for that long.”

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“Oh it’s crazy," said Grace Kochanowicz. "I thought it was going to snow all May and we were going to have a cold summer. But it’s finally starting to get warm.”

Some wanted this summer-like weather to stick around.

“I rather it stay summer; I like the heat,” said Sponheimer.

“I’m excited for it to just be any type of warm outside because it was so cold for so long,” said Ashley Smith of Ocean City.

But most say they aren’t ready to just skip spring and start summer for good.

“I play softball so having spring weather would be nice because playing in 90 degrees in pants is terrible,” said Kochanowicz.

“I’m ready for spring," said Terry Sieck of Mt. Ephraim. "I am ready for the spring weather. I was out yesterday and it was awful. But it’s beautiful today. I can go for another month of this before summer hits.”

And they’re in luck because it seems we’ll finally get a taste of spring in the next few days.

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