New Trading Post Comes to Stockton University

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The team behind the new Stockton Trading Post utilizes the saying, "It’s not new, but it’s new to you.”

It all started with students cleaning out their dorm rooms.

“If you’ve acquired more things that maybe fit in your car at the end of the year you may throw it away," said Caitlin Clarke, sustainability coordinator at Stockton University. "I was actually trying to catch that and divert it from the landfill and at the same time say, 'you know this stuff is still useful.' ” 

So, they created the Stockton Trading Post, a place where you can bring things you may no longer need.

We’re really trying to push reduce, reuse, recycle and to make the campus more sustainable.

And it’s pretty simple. When you bring in an item you get a ticket that can be used to get an item or you can pay a very small price.

"You might get tired of clothes pretty quickly," said Clarke. "So, instead of going out and buying something new you can save yourself money [and] you can save the environment resources by just trading things.” 

Clarke runs the post with a handful of student workers who helped build the idea from the ground up.

“We’re really trying to push, reduce, reuse, recycle and to make the campus more sustainable," said Synde Hunter, a student worker at Stockton Trading Post.

"So, it’s really important that students can get rid of things that they no longer need and then instead of going out and buying new things they can get reusable things here.” 

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The back of the shed is filled with camping equipment like tents, backpacks and sleeping bags so that when students need it, they can rent it for one week at a time.

“We’re open two days a week and Thursday is our longer day so we try to have some kind of skill sharing or reskilling workshop going on,” said Clarke.

The workshop focused on woodworking with pallets.

“Everyone has things that they can share, whether it’s items, household stuff, clothing, knowledge and skills," said Clarke. "Everyone - whether they’re a student, faculty or staff, they bring something to the table.” 

Utilizing items and talents from everyone on campus, while keeping Stockton sustainable.

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